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    This is my post at wowinterface.com regarding the sldt-kgpanels-parent-difficulty:

    cormanthor, you are the man!:banana: Your hints got me to the final solution:

    so, as you suggested first of all put in OnLoad

    Then put in OnEvent
    SLDT_Mail:SetPoint("CENTER", self, "CENTER")

    in order to align SLDT_Mail centered to the respektiv kgpanel (self).

    In my case the phrase

    did nothing at all!
    Only the SetPoint()-phrase, as shown above, put my SLDT-Block right where I wanted it.

    Thanks for your help! Hopefully people with similar problems will find this solution here!

    Quote from cormanthor
    OK, now that I'm firing on all 8 cylinders, try this:
    mySLDT is the name of the kgPanel I want to parent the SLDT frame to.
    SLDT_Mail is the name of the SLDT frame I'm using in the example.

    OnLoad code:

    because the SLDT frames aren't created when SLDT fires its "I'm loaded" signal.

    OnEvent code:

    Now you can use SetPoint() to move it if needed.

    Best of luck!
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