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    posted a message on Wall-E Compressed Storage Mod

    Wall-E Styled storage box, Opens center like wall-e did, Items float into his center region. Eva Power, Floating Eva that acts as a portable solar board. When ontop of wall-e  or next to it, Apply's power to it. Not really practical, But cool as heck :P

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    posted a message on Mini Me Follower Mod

    The idea is to add more customizable ideas for it. Be cool to have a mini version of yourself following you around collecting items for you.

    More useful because it holds items and you dont, You dont waste space or get a cluttered inventory. Adds followers that can take damage but only equavilant to what you take as they are representing you. They share what ever buffs you have, They have same health. Same hunger,

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    posted a message on Mini Me Follower Mod

    Advanced follower that looks 100% like your character ingame, Collects Heaps of items for you, Like a wolf that follows or luggage from that one mod from years ago, 


    Several Tiers 


    Simple: Holds 1,000 blocks

    Medium: Holds 3,000 blocks

    Advanced: Holds 6,000 blocks

    Supreme: Holds 12,000 blocks

    God: Holds 25,000 blocks

    Creative: Holds Infinate amounts of blocks, Craftable <End/Late Game

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    posted a message on AV: Advanced Vanilla

    <Adds> Tools for early game minecraft that are do alot, but have very low durability. And late game vanilla tools. 


    <Early> Flint Forged Tools, Use a variant of veinmine, Very minimal function

    <Early> Flint Forged Armour, (No idea for it tbh)


    <Late Game> Dimensional End Staff. Changes the weather.

    <Late Game> Dimensional End Bow, Fire's Lightning at mobs with like 50+ hearts of damage.

    <Late Game> Dimensional Dragon Armour, Lightning charged armour, Infused with dragon scales for flight and night vision, 


    <End Game> Divine Elementium Orb, Instant mine, supreme vein miner.  Dragon Lightning Damage, Does 100+ hearts of damage, Repels mods, changes weather, 


    <End Game> Funky Tofu, Implements a buff to food, Makes you insta heal/ saturation to full in 1 game tick. 

    <End Game> Korrupted Ore, Used to make all the items in this mod. Late Game - End Game. Adds crafting tools. You can modify the idea or take any path with it, more following the vanilla style of the game

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