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    posted a message on Incubator - Trash respawn timers

    Thank you for this very usefull addon.

    I am playing with the english client but my french guildmates are not so I provide you a complete french localization of the Locale-xxXX.lua file.

    The 5 last trash names in SSC are missing because I could not find them :(

    Keep the good work !
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    posted a message on Bigwigs - Magtheridon FR
    There is an error on the banish trigger. It should be:
    banish_trigger = "Pas encore ! Pas encore...",

    Please update the P3 trigger to:
    debrisinc_trigger = "Que les murs de cette prison tremblent",

    Also here are some minors syntax corrections:
    banish_desc = ("Pr\195\169viens quand vous bannissez %s"):format(boss),

    escape_warning3 = "Libre dans 30 secondes!",
    escape_warning4 = "Libre dans 10 secondes!",

    banish_message = "Banni pour ~10 secondes",

    debrisinc_message = "30% - Arriv\195\169e des D\195\169bris!",
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    posted a message on sRaidFrames: Alternative CTRA raid frames
    Quote from Khaled »

    I was wondering if sRaidFrames supports /cast [target=mouseover] macros?

    Yes it works !

    You should try :
    /cast [target=mouseover,help,exists] Spell Name; [help] Spell Name; [target=player] Spell Name
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