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    posted a message on macro use in vuhdo


    for my holy priest i made a macro for binding heal.

    Now binding heal cant be used on urself, so i made the following macro:

    #showtooltips binding heal
    /cast [target=@player] prayer of healing
    /cast [party, raid] [nodead] binding heal
    /cast prayer of healing


    example when i directly have the hostile target it dont work as intended


    so when i use it "inside" vuhdo (key bind = 4)

    it should be cast prayer of healing if its myself and binding heal if its another toon


    I assumed vuhdo would do the following:

    -set targe as the player "icon" 

    -cast or what ever

    -set target as the prev target

    So how do u in a macro (inside vuhdo) test its u ?







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