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    Quote from Brawnhide »

    Quote from freedon »
    HostelBar is for PVP and some PVE mobs, not raiding. Natur has the raiding fuctionality built in, if you want that in a mod, pick up BigWigs.
    In my post I'm referring to player initiated CC like Polymorph, Hibernate, Faerie Fire, Insect Swarm and my HoTs, which are a few of the things I like keeping track of in addition to mob abilities during raids.

    I am under the impression that BigWigs is a Boss alert mod, and does not handle those sorts of things, perhaps I am mistaken?

    Are you referring to abilities initiated by yourself or abilities initiated by other players. If you want to keep track of your own spells use Chronometer, if you want to keep track of enemy spells use Hostel, if you want to keep track of boss abilities use BigWigs. I think that's right... correct me if I'm wrong. If what you're referring to abilities initiated by others, I'm not really sure about that. Natur may be the only addon that does that atm. Not really sure. Natur is easy to use and it looks great, it's just that it uses a lot of memory :(
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    Quote from Galencia »

    Hmm, could it possibly be configured to not use Flasks, when i have potions in the bar? :))

    That was an expensive way to find out it would do that :D

    Yea same thing with MHP > BG pots while in a BG
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    Hi, first of all thanks for the great addon. It's been working really well for me.
    I just noticed that when in a battleground, the potion button wouldn't use the BG pot but instead a MHP. I'm not sure if the BG pot is configured into the addon but if it isn't I'd like to see it added! I'd also like to see support for tubers/ND's breath and engineering explosives. Would that be possible?
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    posted a message on GonffBar - An addon for those mouse rogues...
    Hi Wobin =P

    Quote from Varuna »

    Yes, after playing a while with it I like the combopoint display very much. Energytext is for me just the actual amount of energy shown on the Bar like this:
    on the left stands the combopoints and on the right the energy. Even with oldschool "Energybar" it was possible to just give a text to the bar (like &c/&e). Would love to see this little option on GB :)

    I second that. Not that the current CP graphics are hard to see, just that it would be nice to have an option to switch between the two. Would that be too difficult ro implement?
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