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    posted a message on oSkin
    I like oSkin a lot! So mush nice and easier to read.

    Still, I would like my input box to stay at the standard position. I don't mind hacking it if someone can just point me in the right direction :-).

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    posted a message on Squeenix - Some people enjoy putting square things in round holes
    I would be nice to have a "square" mode in FuBar for the Minimap button. I know some mods do that already like TrinketMenu.

    I have also hacked my copy of Gatherer so that the icons are against the scare side instead of a circle. If anybody is interested, let me know.
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    posted a message on Detox
    Quote from Firiel »

    ok lao :) so i've the version
    local MAJOR_VERSION = "Babble-Spell-2.0"
    local MINOR_VERSION = tonumber(string.sub("$Revision: 9146 $", 12, -3))

    I've not the error with the version
    local vmajor,vminor = "0.2", tonumber(string.sub("$Revision: 8852 $", 12, -3))
    of Detox

    the difference is :
    No error =>
    local invisible = {
        [BS"Prowl"]       = true,
        [BS"Stealth"]     = true,
        [BS"Shadowmeld"]  = true,
    error =>
    local invisible = {
        [BS["Prowl"]]                 = true,
        [BS["Stealth"]]               = true,
        [BS["Shadowmeld"]]            = true,

    You have to update AceLocale-2.0.lua. The new way of using ["blah"] was introduced a few days ago.
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    posted a message on Detox
    Quote from Firiel »

    Quote from maia »

    Firiel, line 55 is checking for the localizatio for the spell "Prowl". I think your babble-spell is completely dead, as my version does include the french word for Prowl.

    perhaps...But i've 10 version of bable spell ! every Ace2 addon have one. How to know wich is the good version ?

    No matter how many you have, only the one with the highest revision number will stay in memory in the end. So, the good one is the one with the highest version number. Look for local MINOR_VERSION at the beginning of the Bable-Spell-2.0.lua file.

    If you want to be sure to have the latest version of all the Ace2 libraries, download the latest !!!Livraries-r####.zip from http://svn.wowace.com/files/.
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    posted a message on AllPlayed 20200-1 has been released
    This is my first addon. It's a re-write of a Titan addon that I like and for which I didn't find replacement. The information displayed is not new and is already present in other addons. I guess I was just use to the way it was displayed in the old Titan base version.

    Web page: http://www.wowace.com/projects/all-played-laotseu/

    See the project site for screenshots.

    Current Release Version: 30000-2


    AllPlayed display the total time played, rested XP and money for each of your WoW characters. It's just a snapshot of the current state, no history, no stats. You can look at the total time you have played WoW and be proud (or afraid ;-)). My personal time is a bit over 60 days. I'm sure some people out there have way bigger totals. It would be fun to ear about it.

    AllPlayed is a re-write in Ace2 of an addon created by Riboflavin and latter updated to Titan AllPlayed. I didn't use any of the code from the original addons but I tried to emulate their output as mush as I could. I really missed Titan AllPlayed after I start using FuBar and since the originals appear to no longer be supported, I rolled up my sleeves and did something about it.

    This is my first addon. I hold no responsibility if something breaks, smokes start coming off you computer or if there is a flood in your village. I'm also not responsible if your brain turn into oatmeal after looking at my code but comments are welcome.

    • Show the time played and money for each of your characters
    • Show the total time played and money per realm, per faction or for all your characters
    • FuBar support
    • LibDataBroker support
    • Display the rested XP per character (optional)
    • Colorize the names based on the classes (optional)
    • Display the class names (optional)
    • Display the running total of XP gained (optional)
    • Display the location of the characters (optional)
    • Display the time remaining until a character if fully rested (optional)
    • Display PvP information
      • Honor Kills, Honor Points, Arena Points, Badges of Justice, Battlegroud marks (optional)
    • Option to use graphics instead of text for money and PvP currencies
    • Option to set the font size and the opacity of the display
    • Sort entries by name, level, experience, XP rested, % rested, money or time played (default by name)
    New with 30000-2
    • LibDataBroker-1.1 support (now works with Titan)
    • Display of the time played is now optional (default to true)
    • French localization (thanks to Orbital Digital)

    New with 30000-1
    • Support for v3.0.2 and WotLK Beta
    • Added support for PvP honour kills, honour points, arena points, badges of justices and the BG marks. All of these are optional and off by default
    • Added graphics for coins and PvP currencies (off by default, does not work well with v2.4.3)
    • Support for the new XP progression from 60 to 70. AllPlayed will detect if running v3.0.2 and change the XP values accordingly
    • Class colourization is now on by default
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    posted a message on OneBag 2.0.6026 [Released 7/28/2006]
    Great job on providing us the OneXXX addons :-).

    Is there a way I could hack them to get an opaque texture for the background? The transparent scare make the bag hard to use when there are a lot of stuff happening in the background like when you need something fast in the middle of a battle or when you are in the Auction House.

    My guess is that a completely opaque background with a default of 50-60% alpha would give the same thing that we have now with 100% alpha.

    In any case, thanks for the great job Kaelten.
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    posted a message on FuBar 2.0 in Trunk (Official thread)
    Further comments on positioning...

    I was wrong, the problem also happen when using character profiles. I'll do some more tests to see if I can spot a pattern.
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    posted a message on FuBar 2.0 in Trunk (Official thread)
    I'm not sure if it is related to the positioning problem but tonight, using the latest SVN version of FuBar and the latest SVN version of the libraries, I could not use the Copy function for the profiles. The menu option is not greyed out but nothing happen when I select a profile to be copied.

    Like Azgrim, I only encounter the positioning problem when the default profile is on. I've created a character profile for each one of my alts and the addons are always positioned where I expect them to be.

    I also observed that the option frame (with the right click) has some tooltip issues. If there are more then ten lines in the option frame, some lines have empty hint tooltips. These empty tooltips stay at the same position even when we go down or up the options. Here's some pictures so you can see what I mean:

    Also, the hint tooltips often end up over the menu tooltips:

    This happen for the FuBar menus and for the 2.0 FuBar addons. The 1.2 FuBar addons do not have this issue simply because they do not have hint tooltips.

    Is there an easy way to disable those hint tooltips for now?

    BTW, I just finished converting all my characters from Titan to FuBar and, quite simply, it rocks. I just don't know why I waited so long cross over :-).
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