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    posted a message on -- SOLVED -- CraftTweaker2, tconstruct, and tinker's forging HELP!!! -- SOLVED --

    My Quest: Create a need to use tForging. 

    My Method: Remove/disable crafting recipes for casts EXCEPT for the ingot and gem casts.


    I've never gotten CT2 to work despite going over long tutorials and just downloading .zs files for it. I've tried everything on the WIKI for removing a casting table recipe but I seem to be doing something wrong. I've tried:


    mods.tconstruct.Casting.removeTableRecipe(<"tconstruct:cast">.withTag({PartType: "tconstruct:pick_head"}));








    and a couple other variations.


    I just don't get where I've gone wrong in making this work. If anyone could either tell me whats wrong with the above portion or point me in the direction of a great tutorial on how to use CT2 I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance.


    EDIT: I figured out what the problem was an it involved having an old version of ModTweaker installed (so old in fact that my version of forge that I was using didn't crash as it had no reason to use it). I installed the newest version of ModT for 1.12.2 and it works great. 

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