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    posted a message on Hardcore enhancements, things to make hardcore mode harder

    changes to hardcore mode that would make it actually harder
    1. flaming mobs ignite the block they are standing on
    2. creeper explosions are twice as large
    3.mobs can now jump over 1 block pits
    4. animals always run away from you unless you have their favorite food
    5. spiders can see through walls
    6. all wolves are hostile
    7. torches now require 2 coal to craft
    8. chests require logs to craft rather than planks
    9. zombie attacks always cause the hunger effect
    10. all spiders are poisonous
    11. food now feeds you half as much
    12. logs yeild 2 planks rather than 4
    13.killer rabbit now spawns naturally
    14. enderman are now always agressive if they can see you
    15. enderman can now pick up player-placed blocks
    16. mobs can now hear
    17. squids are now agressive
    18. all raw meat will give you the hunger effect
    19. witch AI is now extremly smart
    20. explosions now cause a little bit of fire

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    posted a message on Better Swamp Trees

    Basically, adding a new kind of wood into the game, it could be called anything the mod creator wants.

    this mod would replace the wood and leaves in swamp trees with new blocks, i have created a texture sheet to illustrate what the wood,planks, and leaves would look like. although the mod creator could make different textures if they so choose

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