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    Downloaded and tried it. Didn't appear to find my favorites, I had to add them "new."

    Added about 6, requested update, got the download but there was an error on each one trying to do the update. Restarted and got the same error.

    Developer hasn't posted in the support thread since 6/6 (although as an S-Mod last on was last night) with 4+ postings since his last post have gone unanswered.

    The 6/6 post said he was working on a re-write so it's possible what's online now will be superseded. Last update was 2/08 so the current version seems feature frozen.

    Summary: looks like a nice attempt, but (for me) doesn't work and what is online now isn't being actively supported. Hopefully the rewrite will have some Good Stuff in it.
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    Quote from Ackis »

    ATSW issue is fixed. For some reason the ATSW frame extends wider that you actually see. It was basically having invisibleness overtop of ARL window and not letting you click through. :)

    I'm going to see about making the entire recipe clickable to expand it tomorrow :)
    Thanks so much! I'll report a bug to ATSW.
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    Quote from cheadstina »

    When I click on the plus signs nothing happen at all. So no none of the recipes expand to show their information.
    The same is happening for me. US Client, fair amount of addon usage. I'm also using Advanced Tradeskill Window - I'll go back in and remove that to see if there's a conflict somehow.

    Update: it works fine with stock tradeskill windows, and also works fine with Skillet. Only with Adv Tradeskill Window is there a problem with the + signs in the window not responding to click to expand the entry.

    In addition, also with ATSW loaded, you cannot get the ARL button to appear on the stock crafting window if you shift-click the crafting action button (forcing ATSW to not display, but instead display the stock window.)

    Also, your ARL button conflicts with the "I" and "AC" buttons for Armorcraft ( http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info6752-ArmorCraftFanUpdate.html ) Not sure whose issue that is to fix, but it's something to keep in mind if you would like to add some "defensive" coding to your addon.

    Keep up the good work! Cheers!

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