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    There is a problem with the integration of the Pawn addon into XLoot.

    It doesn't show an upgrade for items with random stats on them. The reason is, that an ItemId doesn't contain informations about the random values, but an ItemLink does. The called function PawnIsItemIDAnUpgrade(id) searches for a link to this item in the cache, but if you didn't loot the Item yet, there is no information in the cache. Therefore, it never shows it as an upgrade.


    There is a workaround for this problem: Pawn has two functions (which are called by PawnIsItemIDAnUpgrade(id) after searching the cache) PawnGetItemData(link) and PawnIsItemAnUpgrade(Item). In helpers.lua, the function XLoot.IsItemUpgrade(link) kinda destroys the item link, by reading out its id before calling PawnIsItemIDAnUpgrade(id). So the easy fix will be, to just call PawnGetItemData(link) and PawnIsItemAnUpgrade(Item).


    This is reached by replacing the lines

    	local id = string.match(link, "item:(%d+)")
    	if PawnIsItemIDAnUpgrade and id and PawnIsItemIDAnUpgrade(id) then


    	local Item = PawnGetItemData(link)
    	if PawnIsItemAnUpgrade and Item and PawnIsItemAnUpgrade(Item) then


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