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    posted a message on replacement for tablet lib?
    TabletLight first? Then what Tablet became?
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    posted a message on SimpleMinimap - Unable to Lock Minimap
    Another addon making it draggable? Any error messages?
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    posted a message on WoW Matrix?
    My problem with author credit is only that users have no idea where to go to get help/report bugs. We can build credit into our options pages, it's in our tocs, etc. But many times we rely on the hosting sites to at least point people in the right direction.

    Of course the biggest issue imo is the stealing of bandwidth. If they hosted it themselves, I'd be ok with it.
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    posted a message on Broker2FuBar
    I would jump for joy if that finally happened, Fubar still has a major "marketshare?" of the bar type displays (and in my personal opinion was/is the most polished of them still). I just hate that I have to embed FBP to support it, so I don't.
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    posted a message on Curse/Ace Updater for Mac?
    Quote from zaphon
    Ahh, but this was the beauty of the old system. While you thought the updater above was the best one for your mac, I myself preferred a python script to do the job (http://code.google.com/p/wowacepy/). Everyone had their own "favorite" and we all still got our addons/updates.

    You can still use the command line and a script to do the same, it just requires a small amount of setup. (and you will need a command line svn, git, and mercurial client to script against)

    Note: Not all addons hosted on curse use the wowace/curseforge repositories, even if they have them setup. What that means is when you visit say a cf projects page and get the public repository url, browse it first before trying to update from it. (shouldn't be the case for former wowace addons at this time though iirc)
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    posted a message on LibStub Location?
    think you misunderstand :) I want to have to test it first before I go to an updated lib ;) Yes minor versions changes have broken my addons before :)
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    posted a message on LibStub Location?
    I would also like to add that it seems like the best idea for authors to embed specific versions of libs rather than "whatever trunk is" as that is just asking for disaster imo. Not like it's hard to retag an addon once you've confirmed that the updated libs work fine.
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    posted a message on how to update?
    Give it another few days and try out the curse client if you want something easier (Right now we are kinda in a transition and the curse client isn't working nearly as well as WAU did, but it's getting better daily.)
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    posted a message on The New Curse Client
    Quote from HunterZ
    My wowace addons (trunk and branch versions alike) sit frozen at the last versions available on the old SVN before the changeover until such time as the Curse Client becomes capable of actually maintaining them en masse.

    I personally took this time to redo my addons (Folder was getting all bloaty anyway and patch coming soon so good time to grab addons that work on ptr), grabbed the full versions with externals and am sitting pretty without the slow loading that I used to have with older addons before I went no-ext. 'Course I'm not using too many addons with the Ace2 or Rock framework anyway. (Trying to stick with no framework or Ace3 based UI and see how it handles around corners ;))
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    posted a message on Are you lost? Attempt at an overview/FAQ

    Hopefully that'll stay up until people are sure that everything has been ported over to project pages.
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    posted a message on The New Curse Client
    Quote from Arzach
    Ok, this will my last post here. Last post ever I hope.

    Since Kael is being so cool about abuse I'll reply for him.

    Door . . . a$$ . . . you know the rest.

    Seriously people, I cannot belive how upset people are getting over stupid crap. The CC will get better, or people will go crazy and just use updaters that steal bandwidth. I can bet that curse won't let that happen. There are a few things that has gone down in quality for the short term in this transition, but after using Curseforge for the last few months, from a developer standpoint there are many plusses to this change (not the least being that wowace will now be here no matter the bills).

    If you are an end user, release sites are the place to be for support and released addons, if you are a dev, this'll be good in the long run.
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    posted a message on WoWAce Transition - Important Notes for updating your externals/pkgmeta
    Quote from xbeeps
    I'm used to checking out the projects i work on directly in my interface folder with externals (as i have all my addons with externals embedded). However, now with the new .pkgmeta, there will not be any externals anymore in the projects i check out. I know that i can just add the externals as before (limited to SVN of course, but that's all i use, at least for now), but it feels quite silly to have them in two places. So i was just wondering how you manage your projects when you develop in-game? I like the ability to just hack while playing, then after that, just submit the changes.

    (and don't tell me i should run dis-embedded...)

    I'm not sure if I'm doing it right myself (by right I mean easiest and sure to not break anything). What I do is setup the .pkgmeta file the way I want it, manually create my libs folder and copy into it the libs I want there, ignore the libs folder via svn, code and test. Once I get an alpha zip I test that and then tag for release/beta. Once and a while when I'm testing the alpha zip I'll copy the libs folder out of that into my working copy so I have decently updated libs there.
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    posted a message on The New Curse Client
    Quote from Melikae
    Valid opinion atm imho... although you are right that his contribution lacked the means to identify a possible bug (be it CC or user based ;)

    Some points I dislike atm:

    1. No option to download without externals (yeah, yeah, it's been worked on, but it should have been ready as soon as the only other possibility to do so stopped working)

    2. Addons get "updated" to medieval versions (may be a bug, but should not occure if you shut out alternatives)

    3. Curse Profiler Addon is installed without user permission (wtf? that's just like Apples iTunes when you install QuickTime or IE in Windows. Even with those stupid browser toolbars you can uncheck them in the installation process. I as a user don't want it, so make it optional especially if you consider to let me pay money for a part of the updater's features)

    4. Overview shows old/new dates instead of versions
    (tbh I don't care when those addons where uploaded, but which version they are, others may want dates, so either add both or make columns optional)

    5. It's an updater, why would I want news in it? Tbh I don't think the majority of the updater's users is interested in Curse at all, I understand that it is Curse's goal to add the wowace users to their member base, but tbh their portal is the ugliest and most userunfriendly game portal I know. It should be the user's choice if he wants the news or not.

    6. Why does it only have a stupid menu bar to configure? As soon as there are more options (like disembedding somewhen...) it will get more and more confusing.

    For a step forward this updater is a bit sloppy imho,
    even WAU had more features and I would want an ancestor to have at least comparable features and not only the most basic ones.

    There were already way better updaters when WAU was still developed,
    WUU can handle a lot of different addon pages,
    JWU was very userfriendly, yet pretty customisable,
    wowmatrix is pro in adding the addon author's work to their site, :rolleyes:
    netherpanel was pretty stylish and had a nice dependecy overview.

    CC has like no features right now besides plain updating...

    I donated for JWU, but tbh I don't even consider paying for premium membership right now, maybe I'll even switch to addons from different pages or finally start writing my own ;)

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    posted a message on IRC - what where and how
    I'm not nightowl but there is a good writeup (though not sure how old it is) on web irc gateways here.

    Edit: actually it was last updated Feb 18, 2007 according to the first line or so.
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    posted a message on Library tagging
    Quote from Nevcairiel
    Just to shed some more light onto this:

    1) Tags will not and should not repack.

    You should be sure that your addon is working with all the current versions of the libraries, so when you tag, it gets the same versions of the libs that you currently use in your setup.
    What i usually does:
    - Commit changes, etc, yadayada
    - Download Alpha-Zip, see if it works
    - If it does, tag that thing (or change the alpha-zip to be beta/release without tagging, only for addons not libs)

    Its highly unlikely that something breaking was commited in between.

    2) The repositories now validate Lua Syntax before allowing a commit to go through, that means alot of the translator related problems will go away, since they usually just screwed up syntax, not anything mod-breaking

    3) To dafires ideas:
    You should not tag two incompatible versions of a library as release at the same time. It would not only break that idea for the packager, but the Curse Client as well.
    The idea was to only use tags that are considered "Release" on the website, not beta tags.

    4) Ace3 does in fact use tags. However we also keep the trunk stable.
    Like before, we will do our work in a development branch, and once we consider the changes tested and stable, we merge them over to trunk. In the future, whenever i merge, i'll tag too.

    For number 2 and number 4 thank you. I think that if we can show this as the "proper" way of doing things now, for the most part people will get in line and we will have stable versions of things to develop against.
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