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    Dunno if this is the best place to put this, but I couldn't stand Pitbull_Aura being broken so I decided to fix it myself. If you wanna do the same, open PitBull_Aura/Update.lua in notepad, go to line 456 (ctrl-g), and add these two lines:

    duration = tonumber(duration)
    timeLeft = timeLeft and timeLeft - GetTime()

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    I have my options set to not show party while I'm in a raid, and I have the raid frames set to not show when I'm in any battleground. However, for some reason with these settings my party is still showing when I'm in a battleground (not sure if it occurs outside of a battleground). The only solution I've found to solve this is to disable the raid frames altogether. Do I have some kind of setting wrong or is this a bug?
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