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    posted a message on Returning after absence - account hell - unable to access repo - unable to submit ticket

    OK, Some background - I'm the author of 2 mods for WoW: FlaskMinder and MultiTool
    I built them and published originally on WowAce before it was part of curse -
    As they got brought under Curseforge, I stayed with wowace and was able to still check in etc
    I last updated in 2019 successfully

    However, I returned to WoW and did some long needed updates to my mod code - and when I tried to connect to the SVN my old RSA keys etc did not work

    I can't find any info anywhere on how to migrate/connect properly  - and because my addons are on WowAce and I had a twitch account, a wowace account, a cutse account , and a curseforge account - It seems it all got messed up and I can't even successfully create a ticket on curseforge support even though I can log in their via my twitch account

    Note I seem to be properly logged in here and it shows I've been a member 12 years so something's sort of right

    My guess is that it was all a case of the various migrations/accounts some flags in some dbs didn't update etc

    Anyway I would love if anyone has a link to a site that explains how as an addon author hosted on WowAce I can get to my repos to update them and get them properly updated to the new client etc... without having to basically start over / fork my addons as a new projject

    Again, I have tried repeatedly to use the submit ticket but it keeps telling me I failed Captcha even though I didn't and when I try to log in to view my tickets it says my password does not match username even though I am successfully logged in to the Twitch network here..

    Any thoughts/help would be appreciated

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    posted a message on Contributing to addons
    One great way to start is to find an addon you like that has a bug and fix it - LUA is an odd language, and there are lots of "wow-isms" in the WOW version (because they have to shut down/forbid a lot of things due to potential for abuse) but every single addon by design must be fully open as it's just lua scripts... so you've got a HUGE base of example code out there.

    I got my start on a patch day YEARS ago when I was annoyed that several of my "Must Have" addons were broken by changes in the Bliz core lua files... so I hunted down the bugs and fixed em locally - even submitted fixes to some authors.

    Another thing you can try - start out with some simple addon - do something with Chat frames ... maybe make an auto-responder that sees when someone has gotten an achievement and reply in guild chat with "gratz" or something - basically, making an addon that doesn't have any UI is a lot easier to start with.

    Actually, none of my addons have GUI except that I use the Ace3 libs for profiles/configuration - I just didn't need to interact visually except to throw some text in chat or error pane.
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    posted a message on TOC Interface for WoD
    Thanks all - I guessed (wrongly) that it would be 60002 and my addons were coming up as out of date - redid them as Interface: 60000 and all set.
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    posted a message on TOC Interface for WoD
    It occurs to me that the default may be to ignore the sub-minor version and that

    ## Interface: 60000

    will be fine and dandy until version 6.1
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    posted a message on TOC Interface for WoD
    Sorry if this has been asnwered elsewhere...

    I am updating my addons to be ready for WoD, and I know the
    Interface property in TOC will need to go up to

    ## Interface: 60000

    but I think this will actually be 6.0.2 so will my Interface become

    ## Interface: 60002

    Does anyone know for sure?

    Just trying to avoid the "your addon is out of date" proactively, and it's been a while sine I was "ahead" of the general curve (usually, I'd wait till patch day and then see the version that newly updated addons were using and then just use that, but for once, I'm being proactive)
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    posted a message on Addons getting Inactive status
    I noticed that wowace seems to tag which version an addon's for when you update files (when I touched my MultiTool addon, I noticed that the little note in the history section said "for 4.0.6" on the update, so to be safe, I tagged a new release so the release version would show 4.0.6

    I feel a little like I shouldn't be pushing a release up though as I didn't actually make any substantive changes - just want to make absolutely sure Curse and WoWace know my project isn't abandoned.
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    posted a message on E-mail address leaked?
    I can confirm that I have received quite a few attempted phishes to an address that absolutely 100% was never used for anything but interacting with curse. I'm guessing that there was some kind of hole - a sql injection or whatnot - that was exploited rather than curse selling our info.
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    posted a message on Addons getting Inactive status
    Quesiton: For the first time ever, I've received some emails from wowace saying two of my addons were inactive and one was abandoned.

    The abandoned one was a non-starter - had an idea but didn't follow through, and one of the two inactive ones was specific to WotLK so I'm okay with that too.

    However, the other "inactive" addon was inactive only because it's been working as intended ever since I last touched it in late 2010. I use it every day when I play WoW, the ToC is for Interface: 40000, but wowace says it's inactive.

    So, I've touched some files a bit and updated, but didn't tag a new release or anything... is that enough or do they expect more? what do I do?

    -- confused
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    posted a message on New and broken stuff with Cataclysm
    Quote from Xinhuan
    Umm. Just call "if InCombatLockdown() then".

    The main breakage isn't determining whether you are in combat lockdown or not. The main breakage is that everyone uses those 2 events to tell when the player enters and exits combat (eg, boss mods, unit frames, etc) and there aren't any equivalent events that do that.

    In my particular case, I've got an addon (FlaskMinder) that can be set to check your flask / elixir status when combat starts... truthfully, I don't really use that option much - preferring to check on a ready-check event, but it was one such use of "PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLED" that I had in the code.

    I'll work around it - I can use the "if InCOmbatLockdown()" to supress timer and expiration-based warnings during comabt (what't the point of my addon reminding you your food just wore off when you're in combat and can't actually do anything about it at the moment anyway?)

    I finally got my Beta install up and running and can start testing things out for real.

    Thanks for the InCombatLockdown() idea though - I think I can work around my issues with that.
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    posted a message on New and broken stuff with Cataclysm

    Thanks for that...

    I can already see I'm going to need to do a bit of reworking on two of my three addons... Nothing horrible, but I'll need to figure out the way to tell if I'm in combat lockdown or not (post on page 2 mentioned they're not providing PLAYER_REGEN_ENABLED / PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLED (which makes sense since they're getting rid of the FSR))

    Looks like scanning tooltips for buffs is going to change quite a bit too.

    Still, I think I'll have minimal needed changes - I imagine a lot of other folks with much more serious addons are going to have a tougher time. Speaking of that, maybe I should refresh myself on how to use the default UI to heal for a bit :)
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    posted a message on 3.2 Changes
    Quote from honem
    Nice tip but .....

    ~lart Digital Sorceress

    *purl slaps Digital Sorceress with a giant halibut*

    You have a spelling mistake in there lassy :D

    GetDifficultyColor => GetQuestDifficutlyColor

    You might want to edit your post to correct the spelling mistake. I've bolded your spelling mistake in that post there.

    Don't take this the wrong way or anything. Your tip did enable me to get rid of 12 bug sack errors that come up. I'm not trying to be Mr everyone must have correct spelling here. It's just the people will be trying to use your post to do a global find and replace and it's not going to work with the wrong spellings of the function names concerned :D

    As soon as you correct your spelling mistake I'll delete this post :D

    PS That first part was a light jest by the way. If you're ever on the wowuidev or wowace IRC Channels you'll know what I mean by it :D

    Actually, your comment about my spelling was absolutely spot-on.

    If you had made a whole post about me misspelling some common English word in a conversational sentence, I'd have brushed you off as a "grammar nazi". However, in programming, a simple little error like this breaks code and can be very difficult to spot.

    Sorry for causing you trouble, and thank you for pointing out the error. I have corrected my spelling.

    I do deserve to be smacked with a halibut. For the record, API calls aren't in my browser's spelling dictionary, and there's no syntax highlighting (which would have given me a clue that I mistyped) in my firefox browser. I must have had a simple finger phasing error.

    I didn't discover the lua change myself, I merely posted it here since nobody else had mentioned it yet. Glad it helped.

    I ended up using that info to hack up a quick fix to X-Perl and Deadly Boss Mods for myself and my guildies. Both addons have since been updated by their official authors.
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    posted a message on 3.2 Changes
    Ok, so as Im finally able to log on to one of the realms where I have characters, I noticed that several of my favorite addons are causing errors.

    Here's a couple notes that I hope help others:

    the LUA function:
    GetDifficutlyColor( level )

    is now

    GetQuestDifficultyColor( level )

    Also, UnitIsPlusMob( unitID ) appears to be having issues.

    Also Also, for some reason, the array "QuestDifficultyColor" is now "QuestDifficultyColors"

    Hope that helps some folks with some of those sneakier changes.

    Am I the only one who finds that the Macros and UI forums are quite a poor way for Bliz to communicate these kinds of things?

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    posted a message on Questlog replacement
    Ever since Cosmos went buh-bye, I've been using QuestGuru. It's been updated pretty regularly, and I like their tracker a lot. It's handling the quest item links now as well.

    Still, I miss the old Cosmos one as I don't like how doubleWide and QuestGuru assume you ALWAYS want to see the quest text. Sometimes all I really care about is seeing the list with zones and levels (though the quest Tracker pretty much handles that nowadays.

    It's also got an achievement tracker and keeps a history of completed/abandoned quests. (though, if you didn't have QuestGuru installed while completing/abandoning them, that particular history won't be there)
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    posted a message on Licensing model
    Quote from Starinnia
    Why does Tekkub always end up saying what I want to say before I can say it?

    Because he is obviously a superior bacon-based lifeform? ;)
    (sorry Tekkub, it's just that the bacon icon ... it compels me)

    Seriously though, I appreciate all the thoughtful responses, even if I'm still left with my initial ambivalence.
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    posted a message on HealInc - Healing and Resurrection monitor
    Quote from Zidomo
    In my experience...don't use it ;).

    First, there are the issues of it being out of date and totally unmaintained. Meaning with any upcoming patch which totally kills it, unlikely to be updated.

    A more serious issue is that I don't entirely trust it for accurate health values since WotLK/WoW 3.0.x was released. On unit frame mods that can use it, it often causes strange, unwanted behaviour (tested: X-Perl with LibQuickHealth-2.0, ag_UnitFrames with LibQuickHealth-1.0).

    Every single time your character dies in a raid or party, you come back to life with 0 hit points. Unless you are healed to 100% (and then, it often doesn't show your health properly after that) and/or relog. And nearly every time you wipe in a party or raid and come back, the boss you were last killing never shows its health properly in the target frame (it gets stuck at 63% health, etc.) unless, again, you relog.

    This was consistent behavior with every revision of both unit frame mods when one of the two LibQuickHealth libraries was active in WoW 3.0.x. Disable LibQuickHealth 2.0 or 1.0, no more health display issues--ever. Asking about it, was told its an issue with LibQuickHealth alone (I remember the response from the X-Perl developer).

    So I don't recommend it.

    Otherwise, HealInc looks like an attractive alternative to VisualHeal/SmartRes. Nice work. Oh, for reference, oRA2 doesn't use or call LibResComm-1.0. The upcoming replacement for it--oRA3--does, though.


    That explains why I was having the "zero health" on Xperl when I released from a death in Naxx!

    I found I dndt need to relog to fix it though... Apparently it was only the situation where I was being rezzed at full health in town upon release. Being rezzed the normal way seemed to work, and ANY activity that would change your max health (say a fort buff or food buff or mark of the wild, warlock's imp's buff, etc) and POOF, the readings were correct again.

    However, it seems that you're saying that if i go through my installed addons and see if any are using the LibQuickHealth, I might be able to stop it from happening by disabling them? Gonna have to try that one.
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