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    This sound interesting. I've started working on something like this.

    It will be a mix between config files and scripting to add/edit phobias and look something like this:

      "name": "Arachnophobia",
      "wiki": "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arachnophobia",
      "description": "People with arachnophobia lorem ipsum",
      "canBeInborn": true,
      "canBeLearned": true,
      "canBeOvercome": true,
      "countKills": true,
      "effect": function() {
        ApplyPotionEffect({potion: "minecraft:slowness", strength: 1, duration: 40});
      "effectCondition": function() {
        return (
          NearbyEntity({entity: "net.minecraft.entity.monster.EntitySpider", min: 1, range: 12}) ||
          NearbyBlock({block: "minecraft:web", ignoreMeta: true, min: 1, range: 10})
      "learnCondition": function() {
        return (
          Chance(0.2, NearbyEntity({entity: "net.minecraft.entity.monster.EntitySpider", min: 3, range: 5})) ||
          Chance(0.5, NearbyBlock({block: "minecraft:web", min: 4, range: 1}))
      "overcomeCondition": function() {
        return (
          KilledEntity({entity: "net.minecraft.entity.monster.EntitySpider", min: 2})

     Please note that this is a very early example of what the config files will look like. Lots might change and will get added. This is just here to give a preview of how this is going to work.

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