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    I'm the author of GetOffGetGoing (http://wowinterface.com/downloads/info5079-GetOffGetGoing.html) and I've found a bug of sorts that's related to mod interaction.

    I was wondering why the fp's between Ogrila and Skettis weren't showing up for me. The localization was there, everything seemed to work...then it (haha) clicked. You're hooking GossipTitleButton_OnClick. Except with my mod, there's no clicking going on. Sure enough, I actually click on the option to start the flight and bam. There's an inflight bar. =)

    I'm not entirely sure how to solve this. Any ideas?
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    *peeks* I wasn't sure where to put this, so here goes.

    Ever since MSBT allowed me to make arbitrary frames, I've been all over it. :) Can we get the ability to specify which notification frame we want to use for BigWigs via MSBT?

    I've got a frame that hovers above where I've moved my BigWigs timers to that shows my spell alerts (I need to try witch hunt..) that I'd rather use than the default notification frame for debuffs and more 'character specific' information.

    I mean, I can modify messages.lua everytime I get a new version I suppose (assuming my text editor behaves and doesn't randomly insert bad characters) but since I find myself doing this over and over I thought maybe someone else might want it.
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