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    posted a message on RaidBuffStatus
    Quote from Pachelbel »

    I've been working on mine (MoBuffs) for a while now, since TBC came out. I decided to release it recently after switching it to use Peragor's talent lib.

    I had a try of your addon. It won't work giving me an error about a callbackhandler. Try it with no addons installed and I get the error. Sorry can't cut and paste. Error comes up on start up when in a party.

    Looking at the wiki page and info it looks very good - with exactly the same ideas I had! Amazing. Just mine was released a week or 2 earlier. I like the even more comprehensive reporting you have but not the layout of the reporting and lack of dashboard and I assume to raid too (can't test as it does not work).

    You appear to check for temporary weapon buffs by looking in the player's bags? I was assuming I would do this by a different method. Perhaps this post should be in a topic for your addon.
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    posted a message on RaidBuffStatus
    Quote from Phanx »

    Well, BigBrother, BuffCheck, fmBuffCheck, FuBar_RaidBuffFu, Prescription, XRaidStatus, and now this RaidBuffStatus all check for and report missing raid buffs. I'm just curious what keeps driving people to create new addons that do exactly the same thing as existing addons, and if there is anything different about this one that makes it worth using over any of the others.

    Oh yes! NONE of them do ALL the buffs. (A few like temporary wep buffs are missing but not for long from RBS) Some people like XRS and I used that for 2 years. However it lacks the ability to add certain checks like crusader aura and report it properly. It also expects you to ask "Can anyone do spirit buff" and for you to check what classes are in the raid and manually with a cumbersome interface change the settings. XRS also requires setup initially and has no way to add extra buff checks to the report.

    The USPs (unique selling points) of RaidBuffStatus are:

    0. Automagically knows what buffs to check for according to the party or raid members CLASSES and TALENTS so the only check you have to manually enable or disable is shadow protection (but it auto switches off when no priest is in the raid).
    1. Works out of the box with no configuration needed.
    2. Very simple to use.
    3. Covers all buffs including consumables.
    4. Trash and Boss checking. Boss checking assumes flasks/elixirs needed.
    5. Small.
    6. Has 2 levels of warning: Missing Buff and just Warning.
    7. Works in party AND raid.
    8. As well as report to raid/party it has a dashboard for quick glancing and for example finding out who has the soul stone.

    So you can see it's quite different. It also emforces our guild's raiding rules with regards buffing.

    What it can currently check for is:
    -- Fortitude
    -- Mark of the Wild
    -- Intellect
    -- Spirit
    -- Shadow
    -- Checks that paladins don't have shadow aura and priest shadow aura as they don't stack
    -- Food buff
    -- Flask or Battle and Guardian elixir
    -- AFK
    -- PVP
    -- Dead
    -- Offline
    -- In different zone
    -- There is a different aura per paladin per group
    -- All paladins have an aura
    -- Paladins for Crusader Aura
    -- Chars with < 80% mana
    -- Chars with < 80% health
    -- Hunter with no aspect
    -- Hunter with aspect of the pack or cheetah
    -- Check someone has a soul stone and report who
    -- Protection spec paladin with no Righteous Fury

    There are MANY more optimisations to a raid's make up and buffs that are planned that it will check for. I am also going to make it more configurable but still work out of the box.

    This is my 2nd ever addon. The first was LurkerPositionDisplay. It works and is stable but it a little rough round the edges like no theming or window sizing options yet.
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    posted a message on RaidBuffStatus
    Quote from Pachelbel »

    RaidBuffStatus - misses "Increased Stamina", "Rumsey Rum Black Label", and "Electrified"

    Not any more! :)
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    posted a message on RaidBuffStatus
    Quote from Farook »

    From what I see so far, this seems to become a very handy addon.

    So I already did most of the deDE-localization:

    There are a few lines untranslated. I need to check ingame first in what cohesion they are used.

    Thanks for the translations. Feel free to commit to SVN yourself.

    What happens with translations when I add more? Will it break for Germans?
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    posted a message on RaidBuffStatus
    Quote from uaxli »

    id like to see some cfg to resize window and transparency. also some tips how to use :)

    + I couldnt report anything
    + boss and trash buttons seem to do nothing (?)

    Thanks for the feature requests. I have added to the todo list.

    You need to be in a party or raid and if a raid you need to be an assistant or leader.

    There is no need to use the /rbs show etc options. It will show automatically on joining a party or raid.
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    posted a message on Ace SVN
    I wish for my guild members to be able to install my addons via ace updater and for that I need svn access. I also wish to develop and add features and have them update easily.

    It's fine I shall wait. Thanks.
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    posted a message on Ace SVN
    Quote from Seerah »

    Did you sign the rules wiki page? Wait a week or two.

    I certainly did sign. Then I sent an email as it says on the wiki.

    Wow - a week or two. Ok then. Shame I have to put on pause my work for that long.

    I just did not want to have signed and sent and email and wait for ages unknowing if my request had been lost.

    Sorry for sounding so demanding and impatient.
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    posted a message on Ace SVN
    I applied for a login to I can import and commit an addon I wrote. I did this on Sunday. What is the expected turn around on getting a user/pass? Username was same as forums and wiki "danielbarron". Yes I'm impatient. Thanks.
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