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    (Or any raid addon that measures healing.)

    As a healer, I am sometimes judged by the sheer quantity of healing done, and those critical often ignore over healing.  Sometimes I am 5-10% behind in total heals, but I have 15% less over healing.


    So, I'd like to suggest a new category called "Net healing."  It would consist of a formula:


    total healing done + total absorbs - over healing = Net healing.


    I could probably top the total healing meter every time by blowing the biggest healing CD available to me at any given moment, but that might not help the raid.  OTOH, hitting the big heal when it is needed most should be the measure of a healer, not just total output.


    Yes, I know people could look at the three panels, find each healer in each and do the calculation manually.


    But you all know raid leaders like I do: They want one number to look at.


    I don't think it would be hard to add, and I think it would be a better number to use.

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