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    Anyone else experiencing this problem? Started with Battle for Azeroth, it has always worked perfectly up til then.


    When in a "vehicle", like a scripted mounted quest where you are supposed to fly over an area and throw bombs for example (there are millions of these in BfA..) the action bar with the buttons don't show up. 


    I thought the problem was my out of combat fader, since my main action bar does not show when out of combat, but even if I show it out of combat, it's just my regular action bar with my Monks abilities, not the "vehicles" abilities. Before BfA action bar 1 would automatically switch to the vehicles abilities, but not anymore.


    Anyone having this problem as well, or have a fix? Maybe a script for switching action bar 1 with the vehicle one, as well as showing it out of combat, when in a vehicle? My solution now, every single time when a quest like this happens (for example "Make Loh go"), is to disable Bartender4 and reloading the UI, then switching back once done. Very tedious.

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