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    Blizzard will Soon(tm) introduce multiple TOC files, allowing the same .zip download to be used in all game editions.





    MyAddon.toc (fallback if the others are not present)


    The website appears to already support multiple-version support with a download marked 'alpha'.   I havn't yet tested with flagging a download as 'beta' or 'release'; which will be necessary to test the curseforge client.


    Does anyone know if CurseForge will be able to support this, as 2.5.1 and 9.1.0 release?

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    I do not consider full-page captchas every time I visit a website to be acceptable.  I also have no interest in downloading some fancy super enhanced "privacy app" to bypass this step.   Just because I trust you to disseminate zip files, doesn't mean that trust goes so far as to modifying my browser.  Surely its enough that I don't block basic tracking cookies so I can stay logged in.



    Edit: and pay attention to the title under my name.  I used to pay for this service, back when that was a thing.

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    posted a message on "Consent" and "Awesome" mean very different things

    You cannot have a banner that says "oh by the way, we are teaming up" with a button that says "awesome" and then hit me with a notice saying that by dismissing the banner I have consented to anything.


    That is extremely shady and doesn't pass any real muster.


    I'm not sure you actually need my consent, but if you do, then I would ask that you use plain language when asking for it.

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    posted a message on Handicapped and Blizzard suggested i ask here

    If by "pick box" you mean picking up the loot, then you can probably increase its scale with a macro command (or addon) and also just "auto-loot" to bypass it entirely.


    If by "pick box" you mean the in-game object to click on for activating the skill, then there is nothing addons can do.

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    posted a message on WoW 8.2.5

    WoW 8.2.5 is coming on 24 Sep 2019.   On the PTR it currently has TOC 80205, vice 80200 for the live 8.2.0.


    Would it be possible to add 8.2.5 to the version dropdown when uploading files?

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    posted a message on Classic vs Bfa addon versions, branching... tags... ?

    I hope your idea gets traction because I do the same thing as you (conditionals to check game version) and would love to automate the game version in a TOC file.


    I think an even better solution would be if Blizzard modified the TOC file so you could explicitly state compatibility with multiple game editions.

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    posted a message on Classic vs Bfa addon versions, branching... tags... ?

    There is now an option to set compatibility for both Classic and Retail in the file upload.


    However, its currently broken.  It generates an internal server error if you don't choose that it is compatible with BOTH.  (ie, you must pick a version in each, and not just one or the other)

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     I am currently disabling this addon pending the rewrite, but I am happy to help with alpha testing any early partial versions to help you identify problems early on.


    I just started following the project page (specifically file uploads) on WoW Ace, so I'll know if you are pushing something for people to toy around with.

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