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    Quote from thewildcard
    Since updating to r342, on all skins other than Blizzard, the keybinding and/or macro names are outside the top and bottom of the button.

    Same here, had to revert to the previous version. At first I thought it's Bartender being buggy, but seems it was Button Facade.
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    Quote from Blackhawk680
    I don't know if anybody else have this problem but since last bartender update i have pictures sticking to one or to places on my action bar with the numbers.

    In number four where my plaguestrike is i see a potion with the number i carry with me of that potion, but when i click it or hover over it it is still my plague strike. If I change specc it's the number 5 item where i keep the new festering strike that is changed into the picure of my gift of naaru. The pictures stick in place even if i put the spells in differend places the spells look normal then.

    Is this a known issue?

    I have a similar issue. The icons are fine, but the keybinding numbers or the item stack numbers are not at their normal place - the keybinding numbers are above the icons (instead of being inside the icon, at the top) and the item stack counter is below the icon (instead of being inside the icon, at the bottom).

    EDIT: found the issue, it's not related to Bartender, it's the latest ButtonFacade version that's bugging these things out.
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    Randrage, here's the answer

    Step Two (optional)

    This part overrides all the remaining WoW fonts - including the login screens!
    • Create the following folder:
    <WoW directory>\Fonts\
    • Create four copies of the font file of your choice, place them in the above folder, and rename them to the following names:
    FRIZQT__.ttf (the main UI font)
    ARIALN.ttf (the normal number font)
    skurri.ttf (the 'huge' number font)
    MORPHEUS.ttf (Mail, Quest Log font)

    from http://www.clearfont.co.uk/readme.html#Modify
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