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    posted a message on SVN Packager is re-packaging the latest tag for every commit

    Edit: it seems the extra zip that is getting made is actually the right version for the filename, but its creation is triggered on every commit until the next tag.


    Since the switch to the non-legacy WoW CurseForge, I have only updated 1 addon ( Improved Blood Trader ) so that is the only migrated repository I have experience with.


    The way I have always done it (and appeared to work fine until Nov 27th) is I commit changes as I make them and then tag to "/tags/v#.#" when I am ready to release. Since that day (you can check All Files to see), every time I do a commit after a release tag, the release tag gets re-packaged as another release zip. Then when I make a tag for the next version, that gets packaged as a release zip with the proper new version as is expected. Then I end up going back to delete the first zip so there is no confusion.


    As far as I know, I'm only making the new commits to /trunk. I'm using TortoiseSVN, and I am not checking "Switch working copy to new branch/tag" when tagging. Viewing the revision graph shows this is the case.


    Is something buggy, am I doing something wrong, or do I need to change the "Automatic Packaging" setting in Settings > Source?

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