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    1. How to make section without associating category?


    Thanks again for writing such a great addon, Adirelle!

    These two are somewhat related as the sorting is Category > Section (alphabetical). Sections could really be thought of as subcategories, if that helps your thinking.

    If I understand your questions correctly, I've done what you're after by naming sections so they display in the order I prefer within each category. For example, I made several Crafting Mats sections, both a generic one and for specific professions, within Consumables category. This lets me see at a glance where my mats are. Within the Trade Goods category I made LW, BS, and Tailoring Goods groups. This helps keep my crafted gear for sale out of my equipment groups.

    I also made a section (1 Essentials) in my Equipment category for my hearthstone, Gnomish Swiss Army knife, fishing pole, etc. This way it always displays in front of my gear. You could do a (z YourSectionName) in Miscellaneous category to put it last, I think. I don't know how to order items within the section though and noticed on my 40ish blacksmith tonight that her keys were being kept ahead of her hearthstone now. Ah, well.

    Hope that helps some! Maybe there is a better way than I've found so far, but this has sure made things infinitely better for me.

    Adirelle, I love this addon and only wish I hadn't taken 2 years to find it. :D
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