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    Quote from Lilyoptra >>

    In reply to crappyusername6:

     I would love to use your overlay fix, but not sure what to do with the dl file.  Could you provide some guidance?  Thanks!

     The same as any other addon. Just extract the file and place it in your addons folder. Once installed your minimap might be covered in green, just go into the overlay settings and untick the detection ring for the minimap.

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    Link Removed: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bx1fm6z7mlny7bw/_NPCScan.Overlay-8.0.zip/file


    There is a link to the working version. It will only be valid for a couple of weeks. I'll let someone else share it around to a better host.


    I have altered the toc to state it's not an official or approved release.


    Known issues -

    - I have only fixed the enUS localization files. If you are in a different zone you will probably get a lot of messages about the addon not knowing the NPC's name. You just need to enter the NPCid and NPCname to the locale file that you are in. I guess you could just copy paste the enUS locale file but you won't get the names for your locale.

    - The battlefield map frame doesn't always refresh. Just hit Shift+M twice and it will fix it.

    - When mousing over rare names on the worldmap the path flashes. After a while the wrong paths will flash, a reloadUI fixes it. I could never figure out the cause.

    - The detection ring for the minimap will cause the minimap to be covered in green if it is enabled in the settings.

    - I have added rares for Legion and BfA but not all of them. Some mobs on Nazjatar have an enormous amount of spawn points, I didn't see the point of adding those.  I'm not sure how accurate some of the locations listed on wowhead are, I know some were clearly wrong so some of my paths could be incorrect. It was quite a lot of work and by the end I was seeing numbers everywhere....

    - I don't know how demanding it will be. I know the BattlefieldMapFrame does constant refresh calls and I did an ugly workaround to get path tooltips to display on the worldmap. But I don't notice any issues and my comp is getting on the old side.


    The old path data was being stored as binary data. I have added another method using an array so you can add your own paths. I wouldn't mess with the binary data though.


    PathData.lua stores the path as mapID ->NPCid->path data. An example below

    [ 1462 ] = { -- Mechagon
               [ 149847 ] = {{81.2,20.2,83.2,22.2,81.2,22.2},{81.2,20.2,83.2,20.2,83.2,22.2}};


    Each group of numbers draws a triangle on the map based on the coordinates. its basically - {Ax,Ay,Bx,By,Cx,Cy} where A, B and C are the 3 points of a triangle. To drawer a square you just drawer 2 triangles that share 1 face. So you just need coords for the 4 points of the square, 2 of the coords are shared between the 2 triangles.

    eg) with 4 points A, B, C and D it would be done like this -



    You can add as many triangles as you want for longer more complicated paths. One of the longer ones I did had 20 sets.


    You will also see an entry like this -

    [ 137374 ] = { [ "present" ] = true, {36.09,38.21,38.09,40.21,36.09,40.21},{36.09,38.21,38.09,38.21,38.09,40.21}};


    The "present" key is for zones that have 2 timelines like Darkshore and Arathi Highlands. Any NPC with the "present" key will only be displayed if the timeline is set to the present time. You change that by talking to Zidormi in the applicable zone. There is an Array in Constants.lua called ZidormiZones. It contains the mapID and MapArtID for the present time. In case blizzard add anymore zones you can enter them here. C_Map.GetMapArtID(mapID) returns the ArtID.

    If you add a rare you need to make sure it is listed in locales\locale-enUS.lua, it just needs the NPCid and the NPC's name entered.


    If the rare is not present in the locale file you will get a message about it in game when the map loads.


    I hope I haven't crossed any lines here. I didn't get any response in here or from private message and I'm not getting any benefit from it. I just put in a fair bit of work and don't see why other people can't benefit from that.


    That's it, enjoy.

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    Here is a list of commands to add all the rares added in 8.2


    This is based off an NPC list created on wowhead. You can do a search for items and add an ID filter which will add an ID column but when you do the same with a list of NPC's it doesn't add the column, very annoying, I had to export the raw HTML for each page of results and do some shenanigans in excel to get all the NPCid's.... anyway,  just use an addon like "Paste" to enter them all at once. When I first entered them quite a lot showed up as unkown on the custom tab, just reloadUI and they should all appear.


    I still haven't heard anything about the Overlay, I have come up with a way to add new paths which I am currently doing for Legion and BFA, if I haven't heard anything by the time I finish that I will provide a link.


    8.2 rares below -

    /npcscan add 153000 "Sparkqueen P'Emp"
    /npcscan add 152182 "Rustfeather"
    /npcscan add 150191 "Avarius"
    /npcscan add 152290 "Soundless"
    /npcscan add 152712 "Blindlight"
    /npcscan add 152113 "The Kleptoboss"
    /npcscan add 154739 "Caustic Mechaslime"
    /npcscan add 149847 "Crazed Trogg"
    /npcscan add 154225 "The Rusty Prince"
    /npcscan add 151884 "Fungarian Furor"
    /npcscan add 154701 "Gorged Gear-Cruncher"
    /npcscan add 153228 "Gear Checker Cogstar"
    /npcscan add 149653 "Carnivorous Lasher"
    /npcscan add 152361 "Banescale the Packfather"
    /npcscan add 152764 "Oxidized Leachbeast"
    /npcscan add 153226 "Steel Singer Freza"
    /npcscan add 152794 "Amethyst Spireshell"
    /npcscan add 152795 "Sandclaw Stoneshell"
    /npcscan add 152569 "Crazed Trogg"
    /npcscan add 153898 "Tidelord Aquatus"
    /npcscan add 151940 "Uncle T'Rogg"
    /npcscan add 154148 "Tidemistress Leth'sindra"
    /npcscan add 152007 "Killsaw"
    /npcscan add 152291 "Deepglider"
    /npcscan add 150937 "Seaspit"
    /npcscan add 144644 "Mirecrawler"
    /npcscan add 152415 "Alga the Eyeless"
    /npcscan add 152552 "Shassera"
    /npcscan add 152323 "King Gakula"
    /npcscan add 153205 "Gemicide"
    /npcscan add 150468 "Vor'koth"
    /npcscan add 152556 "Chasm-Haunter"
    /npcscan add 151702 "Paol Pondwader"
    /npcscan add 151627 "Mr. Fixthis"
    /npcscan add 155583 "Scrapclaw"
    /npcscan add 150575 "Rumblerocks"
    /npcscan add 151625 "The Scrap King"
    /npcscan add 153928 "Tidelord Dispersius"
    /npcscan add 152359 "Siltstalker the Packmother"
    /npcscan add 151672 "Mecharantula"
    /npcscan add 152448 "Iridescent Glimmershell"
    /npcscan add 150342 "Earthbreaker Gulroc"
    /npcscan add 154153 "Enforcer KX-T57"
    /npcscan add 152001 "Bonepicker"
    /npcscan add 153200 "Boilburn"
    /npcscan add 152756 "Daggertooth Terror"
    /npcscan add 151684 "Jawbreaker"
    /npcscan add 152360 "Toxigore the Alpha"
    /npcscan add 153206 "Ol' Big Tusk"
    /npcscan add 152570 "Crazed Trogg"
    /npcscan add 151569 "Deepwater Maw"
    /npcscan add 152682 "Prince Vortran"
    /npcscan add 152465 "Needlespine"
    /npcscan add 151870 "Sandcastle"
    /npcscan add 151623 "The Scrap King"
    /npcscan add 152553 "Garnetscale"
    /npcscan add 153088 "Shiny Mechaspider"
    /npcscan add 152416 "Allseer Oma'kil"
    /npcscan add 152892 "Rusty Mechanocrawler"
    /npcscan add 154949 "Zanj'ir Brutalizer"
    /npcscan add 151850 "Commander Dilik"
    /npcscan add 151854 "Deathseeker Loshok"
    /npcscan add 150786 "Mechanized Crawler"
    /npcscan add 151845 "Lieutenant N'ot"
    /npcscan add 149746 "Rusty Mechaspider"
    /npcscan add 151862 "Spiritwalker Fe'sal"
    /npcscan add 155331 "Azerite Behemoth"
    /npcscan add 151689 "Clawfoot the Leaper"
    /npcscan add 155332 "Incandescent Azergem Crystalback"
    /npcscan add 151688 "Melonsmasher"
    /npcscan add 151686 "Nimblepaws the Thief"
    /npcscan add 151680 "Orangetooth"
    /npcscan add 153298 "REUSE"
    /npcscan add 153297 "REUSE"
    /npcscan add 151687 "Shrieker"
    /npcscan add 151690 "Singetooth"
    /npcscan add 151685 "Stinkfur Denmother"
    /npcscan add 150430 "Streetpig"
    /npcscan add 154277 "Test Creature"
    /npcscan add 151681 "Shorttail the Chucker"
    /npcscan add 151296 "OOX-Avenger/MG"
    /npcscan add 150583 "Rockweed Shambler"
    /npcscan add 152566 "Anemonar"
    /npcscan add 151934 "Arachnoid Harvester"
    /npcscan add 152567 "Kelpwillow"
    /npcscan add 152397 "Oronu"
    /npcscan add 150394 "Armored Vaultbot"
    /npcscan add 152568 "Urduu"
    /npcscan add 152671 "Wekemara"
    /npcscan add 151124 "Mechagonian Nullifier"
    /npcscan add 151308 "Boggac Skullbash"
    /npcscan add 152464 "Caverndark Terror"
    /npcscan add 152545 "Scale Matriarch Vynara"
    /npcscan add 151719 "Voice in the Deeps"
    /npcscan add 152681 "Prince Typhonus"
    /npcscan add 151933 "Malfunctioning Beastbot"
    /npcscan add 152542 "Scale Matriarch Zodia"
    /npcscan add 152548 "Scale Matriarch Gratinax"
    /npcscan add 153658 "Shiz'narasz the Consumer"
    /npcscan add 151202 "Foul Manifestation"
    /npcscan add 152414 "Elder Unu"
    /npcscan add 152555 "Elderspawn Nalaada"
    /npcscan add 154342 "Arachnoid Harvester"
    /npcscan add 154968 "Armored Vaultbot"
    /npcscan add 152729 "Moon Priestess Liara"
    /npcscan add 155836 "Theurgist Nitara"
    /npcscan add 155838 "Incantatrix Vazina"
    /npcscan add 155840 "Warlord Zalzjar"
    /npcscan add 152736 "Guardian Tannin"
    /npcscan add 155811 "Commander Minzera"
    /npcscan add 155841 "Shadowbinder Athissa"
    /npcscan add 152624 "King Gakula"
    /npcscan add 151841 "Burgthok the Herald"
    /npcscan add 151624 "Clockwork Giant"
    /npcscan add 151918 "Raz'kah of the North"
    /npcscan add 151916 "Zaegra Sharpaxe"
    /npcscan add 155333 "Pulsing Azerite Geode"
    /npcscan add 151917 "Tar'al Bonespitter"


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    Quote from reaper666735>>

    that thread is like 6 years old, what does this have todo with our current predicament ? ^^

     It says the original author Saiket has made it open source which means it can be shared freely. I assume Torhal was the person that took it over when that post was made. On curse the addon has an "All rights reserved" set for the license so I will wait for a reply.

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    In reply to crappyusername6:

     I don't see why you can't just post your temporary fix for Overlay here in the comments like they've done with NPCscan. The fix in the comments above got NPCscan working for me again.


    Also it was a year ago that Overlay was said to be updated. I don't think the author is coming back. 

     I would have to upload files. I can't even remember all the changes I made but it was a lot.


    The author was online 10 hours ago. I've been getting private messages telling me to release the files but I would prefer to get permission first. I will send Torhal a private message and see how that goes.


    I did just fine this post (LSP) to take over NPCScan series of addons


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    In reply to adrune:


    I got it working but there is copyright issues in sharing the files (more details on page 8 of this thread). I can't remember everything I changed now but I think the 2 main issues when it stopped working were the renaming of the map frames and how player positions were calculated. I also had to convert to the new MapID's in PathData.lua


    I haven't added any new pathdata to it, pretty sure that is stored in binary format and I'm not overly keen on investing the time into figuring that out. I think WoD is the last expac that has paths shown.



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    If anyone else has the overlay working, you may have noticed the minimap now has a green tint over it. Just disable the detection ring for the minimap and it goes away. The detection ring is kind of pointless these days anyway.

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    Fix for error playing alert sounds introduced in 8.2


    Open NPCScan\Preferences\Alerts.lua


    Around line 108 you will see the following entries

    LibSharedMedia:Register("sound", "NPCScan Killed", [[Sound\Interface\RaidBossWarning.ogg]])
    LibSharedMedia:Register("sound", "NPCScan Chimes", [[Sound\Interface\UI_Legendary_Item_Toast.ogg]])
    LibSharedMedia:Register("sound", "NPCScan Gruntling Horn", [[Sound\Events\gruntling_horn_bb.ogg]])
    LibSharedMedia:Register("sound", "NPCScan Ogre War Drums", [[Sound\Event Sounds\Event_wardrum_ogre.ogg]])
    LibSharedMedia:Register("sound", "NPCScan Scourge Horn", [[Sound\Events\scourge_horn.ogg]])


    Replace with

    LibSharedMedia:Register("sound", "NPCScan Killed", 567394)
    LibSharedMedia:Register("sound", "NPCScan Chimes", 1489461)
    LibSharedMedia:Register("sound", "NPCScan Gruntling Horn", 598196)
    LibSharedMedia:Register("sound", "NPCScan Ogre War Drums", 567275)
    LibSharedMedia:Register("sound", "NPCScan Scourge Horn", 567386)





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    Quote from psion2k >>

    In reply to crappyusername:

    Also if you set the window position using MoveAnything, I think it remembers, so you don't need to do it every time.
    I tried moving the window slightly and that seems to have stopped the issue from occurring. Now sometimes it does a strange flicker thing when I first click the prof tab. It will flash up and disappear. Clicking it a second time opens fine.
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    Quote from psion2k >>


    Hopefully this will help people seeing this issue until a better fix becomes available.


    This doesn't prevent the problem from occurring. It just fixes the issue when it does. It's quicker just to reload the UI than hunt through MoveAnything's options.
     Someone earlier in the thread pointed out that it's a blizzard issue. It still occurred with no addons installed.
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    I disabled NPCScan and after a while I had the same issue. So it's not NPCScan. Going to be hard to diagnose as it doesn't seem to occur until I have been playing for a prolonged period of time.

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    After I have been logged on for a bit, I have issues opening profession tabs. When I click them my bag opens. Reloading UI fixes it for a while. I don't think it's NPCScan. I thought it might have been bagnon causing some taint but I haven't tested anything yet. It doesn't produce any errors when the problem occurs.

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    Quote from Myrroddin >>


     You can't upload your fixes. _NPCSCan.Overlay is copyright All Rights Reserved. You can fix your copy, but you cannot upload it publicly. Torhal is one busy dude, but he'll get it working. Officially.

     Fair enough. I hadn't really considered copyright issues. I can't really post what I did either because it took a fair bit of messing around....But it was mainly to do with WorldMapDetailFrame not existing anymore, changing mapID's in pathdata.lua and the code to get player coordinates. That might help others figure it out if they are as impatient as I am :)
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    I got NPCScan Overlay working. At least to a point. There are old bugs still there. Like the minimap display going bonkers after a while and mousing over rare names on the worldmap not flashing the correct path graphics sometimes. But it is working.


    I really just winged most of it so I can't promise it's coded that great but it's doing the job for me. Honestly, I really don't know what I'm doing with a lot of this stuff. The tooltips work over the battlefield map but not the world map. But if you disable the battlefield map (shift+M), they start working on the world map, I really can't figure that one out....


    I manually updated pathdata.lua to the new uiMapID's. Being able to add new rares would be great but I think it requires a maths degree to work out how to add new path data for a mob. It looks like the original author used a custom written addon to add new path data and I can't find that anywhere. Decoding the current data really goes over my head....


    It doesn't display a location ring when a rare is found but I think that is due to NPCscan being rewritten?


    Anyway, happy to share if anyone needs it if someone can give me an idea on where to upload it to. I don't think I can do it on here without creating a new project?

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