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    posted a message on Any Ideas for weird Fabric mods I should try??

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     Thank you so much! I'm actually working with SeaOfPixels to improve the visuals, exponentially. Hoping to finish cleaning up the weapons we currently have in the mod tomorrow and maybe get some more bows in there 🙂


    I'm also hoping to have an armour mod, soon, that will bring the armours from Dungeons

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    posted a message on Any Ideas for weird Fabric mods I should try??

    Can't really think of any weird client side mods, but here are some that I enjoy:


    Have you tried MouseWheelie? It is a wonderful client side mod that makes sorting your inventory simple (and should, imo be in the base game).


    If you're looking for something more visual, you may want to take a stab at Canvas (, which is a WIP alternative renderer which will, in the future, support shaders. In a similar avenue to Canvas, Optifabric ( allows for the use of Optifine with Fabric and Chocohead has done an amazing job with getting it up and running of 1.16.x. There are a lot of fun shaders that can be loaded up and they can be found on the customization tab of CurseForge (


    Whist not client-side in the sense that it would need to be on a server to work there as well, you could check out my mod: MC Dungeons Weapons ( which adds over 50 new weapons including polearms with actual reach, longbows and shortbows with different ranges, and a bunch of melee weapons and some tools. Whilst my mod adds stuff, my reason for including it is the new mechanics (longer melee reach, different bow ranges) which I thought you might find interesting if you're looking for something different. 🙂

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