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    Hey guys,

    Not sure if anyone else has had this issue but wanted to ask here as I was hoping someone would have an idea on either what Im doing wrong or just any resolution to the issue I am experiencing.
    With bartender 4, great addon, I love it. So they allow you to “enable spec profiles” and it states this allows you to have save your profile that you make for each spec. I recently started doing brewmaster on my monk to get into groups quicker and I also want to learn how to tank in general. So I made a profile for WW and one for brewmaster. However I have the UIs and keybinds set up differently on within bartender for both classes. The issue i have been having is whenever i switch specs, the UIs will save but the Keybinds wont stay the same. I thought the whole point of “enable spec profiles” was to keep the keybinds in the same place along with the way you have different action bars set up for both specs. Its super frusterating as whenever I need to switch from brewmaster to WW, i have to redo all my keybinds. I mainly play WW but when I want to do dungeons i go Brewmaster because I get 1min que time(sometimes its even quicker than 1min) and I can just change loot specialization to WW. But its frusterating that I have to rebind all keys everytime I switch. My question is, does the feature in bartender 4 stating "enable spec profiles *When enabled, your profile will be set to the specified profile when you change specializations) does this simply only save the UI and theres no way for me to change specs without having to rebind keys or am I not doing something right that I need to change within the bartender 4 addon settings. I know the only thing I could think of is I do have selected “Character specific keybinds” as i know that will mess up keybinds for my other characters but I wanted to see if there was something I am doing wrong so that I can change specs and not have to rebind all my keys everytime.

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