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    Quote from Quantized »

    Is there any way to keep from breaking backwards compatibility with every new release? Or at least only release a new release once a day or something? I know that you are putting in a lot of hard and unpaid work on this mod, but we have to have the entire raid download the mod at once or else nothing works, and half the time a new version is posted when people are downloading so people are still ending up incompatible.

    67718 was still buggy on Bloodboil and souls yesterday and we still had to clear omen on the illidan phase changes, but everything else seemed to work fine.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Protocol changes/backward compatibility breakage should be about done by this point, barring any major bug discoveries.

    Bloodboil and Illidan bugs should have both been fixed last night.
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    Deaden's been updated for 2.4.

    - Now Ace3.
    - Supports an arbitrary spell suppression list now. Give it spell IDs you want to suppress and you can toggle suppression of them on and off at your leisure.
    - Ships with Deaden (on), Spirit Shock (off), Flame Crash (off), Draw Soul (off). Extend as desired.
    - Uses spell IDs, so it's locale-independent.
    - Doesn't have announcement on suppressed spell just yet. Will add before too long (anyone actually use this?)
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    Quote from Jedit »

    Just started today. Omen is completely non-functional; its map tooltip is a question mark, and the above code is what you get if you try to bring up options. I've tried uninstalling it completely (including deletion of .lua and .lua.bak files) and updating to the latest version, but no dice.

    It looks like the toggle is being called before Omen actually initializes. Do you have any kind of weird loading scheme or anything?
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    Quote from Dorvan »

    I think that a lot of the frustration (for my guild at least), has been not so much with errors in the meter itself, but with very frequent releases of incompatible meters...having issues because some people updated their meters 3 hours before the raid and others 15 minutes before, then having further issues when the 3 hour people updated to yet another new version an hour into the raid. It'd be great if the updater had the option the garb either a "release" or a "development" version, where the release versionis updated no more than every couple of days....even if the release version had bugs at least everyone would be on the same page.

    I definitely do get this, but the reason I've broken backwards compatibility is because the "release version" had bugs so severe that they needed to be patched immediately - that release was worthless with those bugs in it.

    I don't enjoy breaking backwards compat, and should hopefully be done with it for a while, though!
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    Quote from Thailis »

    I tracked down the issue regarding Bloodboil or any debuff. Threat-2.0 isn't detecting the buff dropping so the additional threat is always going to 0. I am currently working on a hack for this at the moment, but not easy finding a paly to follow me around to test small code changes :)

    I have access to two accounts, one a paladin - I was testing applying/dropping Salv last night, and it seemed to perform just fine. Can you give me a series of steps to reproduce the problem (other than fighting Bloodboil, of course?)
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    Quote from Farmbuyer »

    Using 67732 and engaging Doomwalker, we get this:

    Thanks. This was a core bug in the NPC module framework. Should make lots of them work more nicely now! :)
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    Quote from xbeeps »

    I've no doubt this is an infinite loop in Omen2. Yesterday all of us (except 4 using old versions of Omen) locked up at Maiden, then we all disabled Omen and didn't have an issue for the remainder of the evening (going all the way to Prince). Today we raided Magtheridon followed by Gruul. Most of us had Omen2 disabled, and only a few disconnected occasionally, and when they told that, we asked them if they had disabled Omen, and guess what? they hadn't...

    Do you have a revision number for this? I've been digging through the code looking for potential infinite loops and just plain can't find any. :(
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    Quote from flyinion »

    It's been doing the position and grow up when not set to thing for me since patch day. I've been updating daily+ to stay on top of latest versions. This has been driving me absolutely nuts. The only thing I've found that works sometimes is to open the config and unlock/lock omen before anything happens that shows threat including test bars. If it works, it's only until the next login. Can we get some kind of confirmation this UI issue is a known bug or if it's a random only affecting some people thing? I understand and agree the threat tracking is much more important right now, I just would like to know if this UI issue is widespread or only affecting a few of us.

    Thanks for the heads-up here. Can you screenshot where you have it in the UI so I can see how you're using it?
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    I opted for the full rewrite because a) there's no better time than patches to do it, b) 2.4 necessitated a full parsing rewrite anyhow, and c) I wanted to move to Ace3 at some point, and if you're already doing half a rewrite, why not do the full thing rather than doing a bunch of rework later?

    I know there are bugs, but they're being worked out.

    In regards to the lockup issue, I've been tearing into this one and I can't find anything in Threat or Omen's code that would seem to be capable of causing it. Additionally, I've had a large number of reports (and even a blue) saying they are experiencing similar lockups without Omen installed. I'm really, really, really not convinced it's Omen at this point. I'm going to keep looking, of course.

    The other modes are wonky right now. The vast, vast, vast majority of my development time has gone into single-target mode, since that's the mode that most people are familiar with, and most use. My goal is to provide views for all roles in the raid, and I will get there eventually.

    I post snapshots on Curse and WoWI at regular intervals. Those may be treated as "stable snapshots", though at this point, the latest from Subversion is likely more stable.

    I am sorry it's been an unpleasant experience (hey, I'm a raider too, I feel the pain from these issues!), but I'm working hard to resolve them. In the meantime, if you want to use KTM, I have no beef with that. Use what works best for you. I just hope to make Omen that product. :)
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    Quote from icemanwol »

    Stop making old versions of omen incompatible with the new versions! It's driving me and my raid absolutely insane!

    Well, I guess I could just not fix critical bugs that cause some people to just plain not work with other people.

    Seriously though, if I make a breaking change, it's because it was absolutely necessary. I hate doing it, it's not fun doing it, and I know the people using Omen hate doing it, but I do it because it has to be done.

    I also make a commit note in all capital letters noting that the change was made, and that it's backwards incompatible. I really do my best to heads-up people about it.
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    Quote from Shades228 »

    VR knockback does not register threat reduction in omen now.

    Can you get me a snippet of the log that includes his Knock Away ability? I need the spell ID.
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    I've fixed the <unknown> bug, I believe. It wasn't an older version issue; it was a race condition.

    I've fixed the versioncheck, and the Illidan/friendly->enemy target bug, Soulshatter, and a number of potential threat discrepancies. Self-coloring is available for Single Target, and there are much better "when to show/hide" options available now. The version check is also more robust.
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    Quote from Werelds »
    One thing I do want to make you aware of, although I don't know if it's been fixed in one of the builds of the last horus: Soulshatter and Invisibility both don't show on the threat. Our locks and mages got scared shitless when they used their threat dumps and they were still top on Omen (and yes, they're absolutely HORRIBLE on managing threat :P).

    This should be fixed. If it isn't, please file a Jira bug report at http://jira.wowace.com/browse/OMEN

    Treat the player's bar differently from other bars. It would be great to be able to configure your own threat bar differently from other player's bars. Since I trim my UI for high contrast and zero unnecessary data and as a warlock mostly play with the single-target mode, it would be great if my own bar would be customizable on its own. You already allow us to customize the aggro threshold bar differently.
    The features for your own bar could be the same as for the aggro bar. (height, color, alpha, texts visibility, maybe even a different TPS calculation frequency)

    This will be coming.

    Quote from Neo »

    Not sure if this has been requested yet but is it possible to get a raid/party version report. We seem to have people that aren't updating Omen and it would be nice to see the raid version per person.

    This should be in now.

    2. Omen doesn't want to stay hidden: I join a team it pops up, I enter an instance it pops up, I dismount, my pet spawns and it pops up, etc. I want it to stay hidden until I hit the button.

    This is an outstanding issue and needs to be fixed.

    The moment we get the Insignificance debuff in phase 2, TPS stops. However, it doesn't seem to restart for everyone when the debuff fades. Not sure if this is an Omen thing or a Threat thing though.

    Do you get any errors with this?

    Sorry if this has already been reported, but it doesn't appear that Omen is being reset on Leotheras the Blind whenever he changes forms or Whirlwinds.

    This should be fixed.

    Please return the option to NOT display when solo with a pet.

    I'll put this back in.

    The one and most important option I miss is the ability to drag the tank aggro bar out to the screen and close the omen window all together. This allowed me just to see the percent & time til aggro gain on the target it was in, without it taking up so much room. I would put it next to my other raid windows and one bar worked so well.

    In the new version this option isn't there yet that I can find. Is this going to be worked back in on omen2?

    Yes, this is coming back eventually.

    When accessing omen2 options from the main interface screen by hitting escape then picking interface. Then click addons, then omen. Some of the omen options get clipped because there isn't enough room for them.

    I don't know if there's a fix I can make for this, but I'll bring it up to the Ace3 guys.

    I updated to the latest build of Omen 2 and now it's only showing my threat in groups on my omen, and on other ppl in my group omen its not showing me at all.

    I tried clicking the, 'show self' option, as well as turning off the all of the other classes and pets except warriors / druids. But I still cannot recreate the way the threat bars. Even with, 'always show self' option clicked, Omen doesn't show my threat in the threat meter.

    This should be fixed.

    Just a little request : could it be possible to reintroduce the sound "link" in the alarm sounds ? I used to be used to that one and now, I had to change and sometimes when I hear it, I don't have the reflex to FD (hunter inside).

    I think that one was being injected into SharedMedia by another mod. It's not a part of Omen, just selectable by it if it's available.

    1) I don't see some people in the list (nobody does). They only have the version of 2 days ago, not a very old one!

    On the contrary, that's probably a good 3 dozen commits old by now. People will need to update very regularly right now due to the fact that I'm working bugs out of the new version.

    2) I cannot understand how to make it work "the old way". Single target? But sometimes the bars disappear

    Single Target is the old-style meter. If the bars are disappearing, it's a bug. However, I've fixed a number of those. Please let me know if it still happens when all group members are using the latest version.

    3) There is an option to select the Tank. One is from oRA2, one is from within blizzard UI, but I can't see the option anymore (in blizzard UI) where it used to be, what do I have to do?

    In the blizzard raid UI, right click a raid member and select "Promote to Main Tank".
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    Quote from Yasuna »

    Threat 2.0 version 66309. Got some bug for threat display at bloodboil fight in BT. After first P2. Threat stop update.

    I need the text of the error, if possible.

    Quote from Lindalas »

    I like a lot of what I see in Omen2. Being able to change modes in the FuBar menu (and hide that in the window would be awesome. Another request I have is to go back to the old % display (from 0 to 130%) and, while at it... dump the decimal. I like to minimize clutter and "-34.7%" is a lot bigger than "75%".

    This option is in under Modules -> Single Target now.

    Quote from sam.freak »

    I'm seeing libdropdown-1.0 under optdeps, but can't find a DL link anywhere (and it doesn't seem to be includedanywhere.

    It's in branches and isn't finished. Don't worry about it.

    Quote from gades »

    Actually Omen is pretty bugged when using the druid growl, it gives me something like millions of threat (it started with 45690......) and basically it screw up the threat since all other bars collapse to left being to small compared to my super threat, is it going to be fixed soon?

    This is fixed.

    Quote from BBR »

    Omen2 is pretty heavy on the addonspamfu meter.
    It's TL2 right?

    Yes. I'm working on cutting the traffic down. It grew due to GUID usage, and I opted out of any optimization of it up front in order to be a good programmer. I've made one protocol change to lighten it a bit, and will be making another Monday.

    Quote from silvermoons »

    I think that Omen2 has so many bugs and is so hard to even to get to work that im having my whole guild change away from it. A Rewrite HAS to be done to fix this!!!!!!!!

    It's not quite finished. I didn't get the scale of testing I was hoping for on the PTR, so the live push becomes my PTR. Not much that can be done about it. The best you can do is continue to report bugs and I'll get them fixed up ASAP. Beyond that...well, I'm doing my best, and if it's not what you want, you always have the option of writing your own.

    Quote from Maddhawk »
    2: Omen2 not seeing the agro reset on Zul'Jin every 20%.

    This was a problem with the NPC module framework. It's fixed now.

    Quote from bimmian »

    How does Omen2 handle feign death since it doesn't create an event in the combatlog?

    Same way as it did before - looks for the cast event, waits a little looking for a resist, and clears threat if it doesn't find one.

    Quote from Shades228 »

    Threat2.0-LUA:653 attempt to call global 'IsGroupOfficer'(a nil value) happening everytime Leo changes forms.

    Should be fixed.

    Page 4 done! Replies to page 5 incoming.
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    Quote from BBR »

    1: i can't hide the icon. It's either in fubar, or on the minimap. but i can't hide it completely.

    Should be addressed.
    2: Scaling issue, when i logged in my alts, i found that the omen window was screwed up. After some experimenting i found that when i clicked the resize tag it snapped back to normal size.

    Still tracking this one down.
    3: No way to save profiles. As with version 1, you still have to do all settings for each character individually it seems.

    Should be fixed now.

    4: Class colors? Can't seem to customize these on a per-player basis anymore.

    Chis will be coming back.

    5: Bar color styles seem nice, but making these selectable will be a cool feature.


    6: You still get warnings, even if you disable warnings. Only when you actually disable the individual warnings do the warnings stop.

    Should be fixed.

    Quote from fr0ggy »

    1' in older version i could get the agro bar from omen, wich represent my agro vs tank, and put somewhere in the screen, and close omen, cause i dint care to much about the others.
    i canot seems to do it now.

    This isn't in yet, and will be coming back.

    2' i miss the ... "ching" or "ding" sound. a melodious beep, canot really tell you how it sounds.
    i dint find any sound in the curent list good for my ears :(

    That sound probably came from SharedMedia. Install and that you should hopefully have it back.

    Quote from Rantoul »

    I would also like an "Omen Classic" The look of Omen2 just doesn't seem to fit right.

    /omen skin load classic

    Quote from Koriani »

    Also I miss where we USE to be able to set at what percentage we wanted our threat notification to pop (I just used a text message, no shaking or red blinky). Can we get that back??

    Modules -> Single Target -> Warnings

    I'd also like to just be able to display threat percentage - I don't need four colums of informational numbers (that I have no FRICK CLUE what the heck they are telling me anyway). Other than my rank "near the top" with the graphs, I had no idea what to look at and what numbers were telling me how far my threat was from the tanks vs. all the other numbers.

    You can toggle columns off under Modules -> Single Target -> Columns

    I agree to have the option where myself is labeled in RED to make ME easier to find (I'm not a raid leader, I only care about ME! :)).

    This is coming back.

    Quote from ManniAT »

    either it does no longer exist - or I can't find it.
    In GOOD OLD OMEN (compact and great) I made a rightclick to choose thing like "Send Data to KTM / Display KTM Data".
    Nothing happens with right click - and in the config I can't find such options.

    Both KTM and Omen's data formats have changed, and there hasn't been an adapter developed yet.

    Assumeing the Healer / AOE and so on mode will work - I have to bring up that nasty big button bar to switch mode or go through Fu-Bar / Config and then bring up the bar - choose mode / remove the bar.....
    Rightclick - select mode - done - would be great.

    We don't have a good dropdown menu library for Ace3 yet. I'm working on one, but in the meantime, I've provided keybindings to let you cycle through modes. Find them under "Omen" in the Blizzard keybindings menu.

    I find no longer options to pull out bars also.

    They're not in yet, and will be coming back.

    1: AOE mode and Healer mode are crashing and/or lagging people significantly. I myself had my computer come to a near halt when I went to AOE mode (I play a mage and as such was looking foward to that feature.)

    The lagging/crashing should be fixed.

    3: Not so much of a glitch, the lack of your own agro being singled out as a red bar did make tracking ones own threat more difficult.

    This'll be coming back.

    4: When I enabled the auto collapse so it would shrink to occupy less space between fights and/or targets, it very often would go back to its default size and "hang up" until a new target was selected for it to track.

    Yes, this is a known bug and needs to be addressed.

    Quote from yoshimo »

    omen&threat were coded to be efficient, so i highly doubt that most of this blames are true. Prove me wrong here :)

    I appreciate the vote of confidence, but there are some outstanding performance issues to be resolved yet. Threat is running very efficiently according to my tests, but Omen needs some work yet.

    Quote from Chasgil »

    uhm where is the option to show which people in the raid have omen2 installed? need it for tomorrow.

    This is in now under "Version Checks"

    Quote from triton5 »

    The option to choose bar textures only seems to list "Blizzard" as an option.

    Install SharedMedia

    Would be nice to be able to put the modules bar at the top too.

    I'll be adding this.

    That's it for page 2. On to page 3!
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