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    I have a team working on a fantasy mod starting on 1.12.2 based on mine and my co-owner, Sindavar's worldbuilding lore. we're aiming to fill the niche left by the LOTR mod's absence in the newer versions of minecraft, though this is an original work with no affiliation to LOTR. we aim to add new gameplay features such as playable races,questing, faction alignments and a custom map and biomes. we focus on immersive gameplay and lore in our mod that we hope you will enjoy.


     for updates please join our discord server we hope to see you there!


    so far we have created designs for mobs and armours as well as some blocks and plants

    a Haalfinzian using a Sourokia eagle owl for hunting


    A monitor lizard sits in the shade of an acacia tree


    currently WIP kirin model


    heavy sourokian armour


    though we are doing our best to produce this mod our team is small and we could always do with more members

    We are looking for more:




    application forms can be found here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rwv1ZeKjzrQ6hw2IUDe48I57PlZ-Cme8j0XjAkeTeI4


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