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    posted a message on Parrot 2 Or MSBT Help, please.

    Hey, i used to use some scrolling battle text addon playn for years, and now i'm trying some multibox and face a problem:

    -Maybe someone knew a way to show your party members throttled(merged) aoe damage somehow?


    1)In MSBT its possible to show party damage with trigger but it's not merging at all causing crazy spam:

    (200 200 200 200 frop each party member to each target) instead of clear text (like: arcane explosion dealt 1000 dmg 4 hits 1 crit.)

    2)In Parrot 2 it's not possible to use trigger to show party members damage but there was some simple lua editing for parrot 1 to do what i want, but now its not working so i'm a bit confused if i can do it somehow :(

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