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    posted a message on CF Issue Tracker + Spam Filter (presumably) = New issues created by author won't show

    I've tried creating some, and here are the results:


    1st issue: Worked fine.

    2nd and 3rd issues (created right after): Worked but then they were simply gone.

    The index # keeps increasing, so they're most definitely still there... just "invisible".

    4th (created a couple of days later to be sure): Still the same, doesn't show after being created properly.




    I googled, and apparently you guys have a Spam Filter in place, which clearly does not believe a project owner wouldn't spam his own project's Issue Tracker. It really should trust them more ;)


    Alternatively, kindly let the authors see the list of filtered issues and manually "unflag" them, as well as allow whitelisting of select users to prevent having their comments filtered in the future.


    Thank you very much.

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