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    BugSack does not show anything because it is not a bug in LUA as such.

    Thing is that Archy finds the digsites in Azsuna (the currently only available one afaik) but there is no data in Archy for these (YET!).

    So, Archy says that there are no digsites therefore no digsite frame is necessary.


    Only try this if you have any idea what you are doing :) :

    You can add these yourself by copying them from

    /archy debug

    to the <wowinterfacefolder>/archy/Database/Digsites.lua

    There are already entries there. 

    You can always just wait for the next update to come, which would be safer i guess.


    Once the digsites can be found, the digsite frame will reappear and have all its functionality. The minimap arrows will be back as well. :)

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    The digsites in Archy are handled via a manually maintained table. 

    Once the current digsites are added, the digsite frame shows as usual.


    If i can figure out how to contribute to Archy, i can provide the team with the updated digsites (as far as i know them)

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