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    From my short usage of this mod, it seems to go for an all-in / opt-out selection method for mobs to be notified about, but I'd love it if I could reverse this so it's an opt-in selection method. Have a button to untick everything, then I could select the particular mobs from various zones I'd like to be alerted about.


    Closest I can find is disabling continents/zones, but if there's one mob or a small number of mobs I want from a continent I'm specifically after I then have to disable all zones that don't apply, then go in to the zones that do have that one or multiple mobs and disable each and every mob that isn't what I'm after.


    My reasoning for wanting this is that most of the time here's half a dozen rare pets I'm interested in taming across all continents at any one time, and half a dozen rare spawns I'm interested in fighting at any one time. I'd like to be alerted for those and only those, not every other. Unless I've missed something when setting up the mod to alert me properly, it's quite a frustrating job to get it applicable to my desires. That said, I still love it. Definitely worth the effort. :)

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