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    Its curse I've tried connecting with the official modpack and it doesn't work and when I copy the exact mods from the official modpack and put it into an unreleased modpack... It is a problem in which the mods are uploaded and downloaded to curse client... If I can copy all the mods from the official mod pack that doesn't work on servers and run forge on my own Minecraft and put the exact same mods that I got from the file of the installed mod pack (THAT DOESNT CONNECT TO SERVERS) then I can connect to my server just fine, without the twitch app and with the exact mods and versions as the official modpack.  This reply was not helpful in any way and just saying that curse has nothing to do with it really makes no sense due to the fact that I've repeated multiple times and even in the original post that the mods work perfectly well together but when downloaded as an official modpack it doesn't(when connecting to the server). Also talked to the server hosts and they even downloaded the modpack to check if the files of the server where different and they found nothing. So, please I know you are "trying to help" but this is getting me pissed off that curse has not gotten in contact when it's been almost a month since I put in my first support ticket for this issue
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    posted a message on I need to fix this please help!

    I've sent in a support ticket weeks ago and no message back at all. I'm trying to report a bug that's on curse's side. I uploaded a modpack that I made myself and tested on my server and then uploaded that same mod folder to make that modpack public. At that point, I downloaded the modpack off the twitch app and tried to connect to my server, that had the same forge and mods installed on it, but it didn't work. What popped up was: Fatally Missing Registry Entries then when trying to log in again it says: Internal Exception: com.google.common.util.concurrent.UncheckedExecutionException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Recipe minecraft:wheat (net.minecraft.item.crafting.ShapedRecipes@44106e25) produces unregistered item minecraft:wheat (net.minecraft.item.Item@6697f3d)

    And now you could say that "It's on the server end" but it's not: I've literally copied the mods from the folder of the official modpack that was released on the twitch app and curse and put them into a custom profile for modded and it connected just fine... So its a problem with the officially released modpack that curse put out, I've uploaded multiple versions of the modpack and it still doesn't work with the official release...
    so please help me
    if you need more info feel free to ask
    also sorry if this is very sloppy I've been trying to fix this for a while

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