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    Hello there! and sorry for bad english.


    Here we go. A lot of technical modpaks include magical things, but noone have full Industry build. Like where miners "oxygens not included". where sometime gas can exploide full caves, where torch burned out, where blocks have ssome physics. Where we have massive excavators or quarry, and it's job's not for one person with pickaxe


    So i want tu build it. but my knowledge stops me, that cos i'm need someone who can do this awesom modpack with me.


    For the base i'll chose this mods:

     - EnviroMine - for some gas\oxygens and realthings.

     - IC2 and GregTech 6 for ores and machines

     - and we could add some reikas mods, buildcraft, opencomputers and e.t.c. 

    but all this mod should be reworked. 

    If you are interested for this modpacks pls follow to discord


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