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    got the same problem stated a few pages ago...fubar doenst seem to save anything anymore. every time i log in, settings are seriously messed up. i have to reselect my char profile b/c it always reverts to using the default one after each login. by selecting the profile mentioned before, most of the settings return to normal, except for a few plugins (some are back on the minimap, some show the plugin's name next to the icon in fubar even if theyre not supposed to do so).

    Hello. Also having same issue. I log in, and the addons are in different locations. I edited the default, and it also doesn't seem to be saving its own settings. Things will be disabled, move between bars (and among Left/Center/Right), show text where not selected, etc. Have done the following:
    - removed the AddOns directory
    - deleted all the FuBar files in the SavedVariables folders (anything with Fu in the name, at both the account & character level)
    - Installed everything anew from the updater
    - Configured the default profile
    - Created 2 different class profiles based on the default, and then moved some things around (Abrams, & Earth Shield on one, BagginsFu & PetFu on the other)

    The Pally class profile loaded much differenly than it was set, or the default. The Shaman profile also didn't match - and when I loaded a character with the default, it, too, was not as I had saved it.

    Suggestions for what next to try? Are there other locations where FuBar settings are held that I didn't delete? Known addons/plugins that behave poorly? Have a decent number of things installed, can list if needed.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions!
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