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    So I got myself in quite a misery. 


    Everyone knows how much time we are spending in WoW Classic on travelling. I got lucky because someone got me hooked on Peggle (but now i fully cleared all levels).

    Now thing is, i booked myself a travel because of this misery.. This country speaks spanish.


    How nice would it be if we can put this time of travel into something that is actually needed in real life skills. I am typing this as I travel towards some godforsaken far flightpath. Is there anyone who could actually make a addon to learn languages ingame while waiting or travelling?

    I now have my phone in front of me to use the app when waiting/travelling, but to make this available ingame, would be quite the improvement to me, and hopefully to many more. 

    How wonderfull if you tell your 13 year old son/daughter to stop spending so much time at their games on which you'l get a reaction in fluent German in how it is benefitting them?


    thank you so much in advance.


    adios amigos.



    :edit:  still not there..

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