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    posted a message on Gladius displays properly in test mode outside arena, but in arena does not keep text fields inside enemy frames (while alive)

    Before entering arena 'gladius test3' displays everything properly, including fields that have text (e.g. health, cast/power bars, etc.) However, once inside arena none of the fields with text are displayed, nor are the cast/power bars, within the arena frames. Instead, two (small) corresponding bars and the icons normally to the right of each frame are displayed at the upper right of the screen (under the minimap area.) And even then, still no text.


    In arena and while I am alive, the enemy health bars remain within the Gladius frames (absent text) displaying enemy health properly and enemy targeting works properly. Also, the icon to the right of the trinket icon is transferred to the upper right of the screen and to the right of the small, textless cast/power bars.


    Strangely, when I die in arena - the arena frames display properly and exactly as they did before going in while in the test mode. Everything is where it should be (text included) - inside the arena enemy frames. This problem occurs only while alive inside arena.

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