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    So I got this idea for an addon but i'm not sure if it is possible.


    I'd like an addon that shows all the NPC's and players you are in combat with or one of the raid/party members is in combat with.

    It should look like healbot more or less. And it should enable the tank to use taunt attacks by clicking on the names of this UI.

    Also it should show the aggro percentage, health, buffs (optional) maybe good for "Purge"-attacks and debuffs.
    When specified debuffs end it should colorcode the nameplates so the tank is alerted to use the debuff or taunt if necessary.

    Also a spellcast bar should be added with the text of the spell so if it should be necessary to interrupt the tank can act on it without have to target the specific target first.


    What are your thoughts? Is it possible? From which version of WOW would it be possible, since blizzard keeps adding functions every new expension.

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