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    posted a message on Skada: a damage meter
    I realize this is likely an idiosyncratic problem, but... maybe not.

    I was looking at damage meters (having been told last night that I'm 'doing it wrong' on a leveling alt...) and multiple people recommended Skada. However, I saw on the information that it uses the mouse wheel to scroll down the panes.

    I don't have a mouse wheel.

    Is there some display mode created that does not need one? I didn't see anything in a search, but 'skada mouse wheel' just gave me back this entire thread, and at 64 pages it was more than I could parse.

    And I want to thank you for keeping this updated on in addition to I prefer WoWI for a variety of reasons, and I know it's a bit of extra work to keep it on two sites.

    ETA: I found an addon module called Skada Chat Frame Integrator on WoWI, and one called Skada Scroll on Curse but not WoWI. Going to try those together. Any other info would be gratefully accepted.

    Mouse: I run linux, with a logitech trackball mouse, due to various body/range of motion issues. While the mouse has extra buttons that theoretically can be chord-pressed to act like a mousewheel, we've never been able to make it work.

    Leveling alt: I was pugging End Time on my L85 warlock, and got told I was doing 842 dps, and that wasn't good enough. I'm caught between annoyance at having someone else decide what's functional for my fun, and acknowledging that I'm impacting their fun. Along with the all the other geek-rejected delights. (Yes, I'm eyerolling at myself, too.)
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