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    Minecraft version: 1.14/1.15

    Title of mod (or just a shortened description): Modular Doors

    Detailed description of mod: What I'm envisioning is a door that stands 5 blocks high and 1 block wide for my (crappy) cathedral builds that, when paired, opens both. I also could use 3x3 or 2 x 3 doors for my (also lame) barn builds. I would love to see a system that if you need a 2x1 door (or any shape door as needed) , you'd put down the required blocks and either auto forms or use a door wand (?) would make a  multi-block door that opens as expected. I am absolutely 100% sure that this might be beyond the term "a small mod" but I don't code so I'm not sure.

    Preferred number of days: I wouldn't put a date on this. I you tackle it, great! If not no worries and thanks for reading!

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