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    posted a message on when over 1000 downloads how to earn points to buy Amazon gift cards
    Quote from Torhal
    Just log in to CurseForge and look at your profile. That shows how many points you currently have, and there is a Reward Points tab which shows your daily gains.

    Hello, I have a very similar question, or better said issue...
    the difference is... when I log to my CurseForge account, I click on "Hi Babbajagga" (aka meh profile?) and where I had few weeks ago information about my Reward points is now nothing :confused:
    Instead, there is just some phrase: "Bypass spending limit? - No"

    ??? ??? ???

    WTH... I mean... What The Hell is this... where are my points?
    Huge disappointment for me so far this project site thing, completely user-unfriendly, anti-intuitive, overcomplicated uploading and management, editing, etc... /tragic
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    posted a message on Where are my points? What is BYPASS SPENDING LIMIT - NO???
    Hello... I have tried to search for any explanation on curse for this, but no results... so I ask here ???

    Since several weeks when I check my Curse(forge?) points I dont see any ... instead I have only the following text written there: "bypass spending limit? - NO"

    I have posted this msg already into different section here on forum, but it did not even appeared after several days!
    I can´t help me, but I find the curse/curse forge support total ... but total anti-intuitive, complicated, ineffective, slow and what´s worse... not user friendly.
    Just to find this place where to post any questions for help/support is a PITA to find... :confused:

    so hopefully at least here will be some kind ppl around wanting to help out :|
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