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    Hi to everyone. I am new in this forum and i search help.

    I wanted to finds a dwarf insiped mod, i mean it would need have some dwarf topic xD of course:


    -The main idea is be able to survive underground all the time(and have more things to do than mine all time).

    -Be able to farm some tipes of cereals for beers and drinks with some effects. 

    -Some new ores (mithril for example) and weapons and armor and tematic blocks.

    -Something like raids to your bunker. Like "nexus" mod or spawn of hostile mob near with the time.

    -And better caves.


    I think it is essential, but surely you can think of more things.  So tell me your opinion too.

    I understand that programming is difficult so if you can at least tell me mods to do something similar, I would be very grateful. I will make probably a mod pack. 

    Thanks for all, and Luck

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