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    This is the bug i only get when i log on my main with is the first toon on the list, even with all my WTF gone i still get it, i use the same addons and same setup for all my toons

    Date: 2009-08-07 21:06:44
    ID: 2
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ...rface\AddOns\XPerl_PlayerBuffs\XPerl_PlayerBuffs.lua line 527:
    attempt to call upvalue 'PlayerBuffsInit' (a nil value)
    [C]: ?
    Swatter, v3.1.14 (<%codename%>)
    NPCScan, v3.2.0.4
    AtlasLoot, vv5.07.01
    AtlasLootFu, vv5.07.01
    Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.130
    Configator, v5.1.DEV.190
    Dominos, v1.10.3
    DominosCast, v
    DominosRoll, v
    DominosTotems, v
    DominosXP, v
    Gatherer, v3.1.14
    Mappy, v2.2.5
    Outfitter, v4.7.4
    SlideBar, v3.1.14 (<%codename%>)
    XPerl, v3.0.5
    XPerlArcaneBar, v
    XPerlParty, v
    XPerlPartyPet, v
    XPerlPlayer, v
    XPerlPlayerBuffs, v
    XPerlPlayerPet, v
    XPerlRaidAdmin, v
    XPerlRaidFrames, v
    XPerlRaidHelper, v
    XPerlRaidMonitor, v
    XPerlRaidPets, v
    XPerlTarget, v
    XPerlTargetTarget, v
    BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v3.2.0.30200 <us>
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