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    Quote from sekke
    I recently came back to the game and was curious to try and recreate a setup I had on SUF a long time ago.

    On my Druid I had custom text tags set up to show the remaining duration on my HoTs (WG, Rejuv, Regrowth) in different colors for each HoT, along with Lifebloom duration and stacks (stacks were shown by a different color for each stack...red, yellow, green).

    I found the code for these tags buried in some forum long ago and for the life of me can't find it anymore. Would anyone knowledgeable on the subject be gracious enough to attempt to recreate them for me?

    I know the Aura Indicators module can do something similar, but I'm left with colored boxes with an annoying cooldown wheel in addition to duration text, overlapping text already on the frame and very difficult to line up. The original solution I used worked much smoother and was much more intuitive to use.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have the exact same problem. I did find the code for Pitbull, but unfortunately it doesn't work with SUF.

    if not rejuvenation_expire then
      rejuvenation_expire = {}
    if event ~= "_timer" then
      local i=1
      local found = false
      while true do
        local n,_,_,c,_,_,e,u=UnitAura(unit,i,"HELPFUL")
        if not n then
        elseif u=="player" then
          if n=="Rejuvenation" then
            found = true
            rejuvenation_expire[font_string] = e
        i = i + 1
      if not found then
        rejuvenation_expire[font_string] = nil
    local e = rejuvenation_expire[font_string] or 0
    local d=ceil(e-GetTime(),1)
    if d > 0 then
      return '|cFFFF0099%s|r',d
    If I wrap this in the
    function(unit, unitOwner)
    function, SUF accepts it, but once I activate the tag, I get the following error:
    [string "return function(unit, unitOwner)..."] line 21:
       table index is nil
    Additionally, if I cast Rejuvenation, I get the error:
    [string "return function(unit, unitOwner)..."] line 15:
       table index is nil

    What am I doing wrong?
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