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    Greetings authors. I need some help here. If you are familiar with CLC Dk and similar addons I will spare you the details, other to say that I am far from a pro coder. This has been a hobby of mine for years and I am passionate about it, and I have generated a fair fan base. That said, the Legion changes will require some major overhauls to CLC Dk, especially the rune system, presences and desiease, many of the base features that have been a part of the Death Knight Class since before I took over the addon years ago. If abyone would like to volunteer to help out I, and the fans would be very thankful. Please contact me asap as I would like to have a beta up asap and a release by Aug. 30th, and I am in a bit over my head here. I can do it in time, I reworked the talent system in MoP by teaching myself as I went, but it would go so much faster with a little help from someone. Thanks so much for your consideration, the community thanks you.
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