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    I wonder if Blizzard cares enough about Archaeology to do some data mining to figure out the percentage change on the number of folks pursuing archaeology now versus when this addon used to work.   Personally, I haven't even looked at Archaeology since this addon stopped working...

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    Quote from Torhal >>

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     The issue tracker is turned off because I don't, at this time, want any bug reports; Archy is going to be completely rewritten from the ground up so such reports give no useful information.
     Sounds good -- that's the smart thing to do.
    By the way, if you need assistance with testing, please feel free to reach out and send me a private message.   I have max archeology and have been using the addon for years.  Also, while not anywhere near as proficient with the Blizzard addon API as you,  I have maintained a popular inventory addon for RIFT in the past, and have been a coder (primarily in C++) since 2002.    I used to be on IRC with you back in the good-ole-days of RIFT ...but you may have forgotten me.
    Anyway, you probably have all the help you need, but if you want assistance, just let me know.  I've been interested in finding a WoW addon project to assist with for a while now. :)
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