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    Hi all. First of all apologies for asking for what is bound to be a simple script but it is a script I have not been able to find anywhere.

    All I am looking to do is use a script on 2 different panels. One of these panels is to only be visible when solo, the other is to only be visible when in a group with 1 other or more. I dont need either to resize, or anything complex, just to show or hide when required.

    No doubt this will be a simple script for those that can do it but I have looked and googled and have not found it. I have found scripts for a lot of other more complex uses but not for this.

    I am currently making my way through this large and informative thread. Currently on page 40, I will keep reading but I am afraid it will either not be ther due to it being simple or I might have missed it due to my noobness with scripting.

    So any advice or tips or scripts for these 2 panels would be very greatly appreciated!

    P.S Been using kgp for a while and want to say thanks for a great addon. I have had no problems with this but have never been any good with scripting! thanks again :)
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