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    posted a message on FuBar_oRA2CooldownFu
    Warlock's Soulstone, Paladin's Divine Intervention, and Druid's Rebirth & Innervate are all important to track in my opinion.
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    posted a message on oRA2
    With a script, how can I find out if a particular unit is a MainTank with oRA. With CTRaid I used:

    local UnitIsMainTank = false
    if CT_RA_MainTanks then
    	for key, val in CT_RA_MainTanks do
    		if (UnitName(unit) == val) then
    			UnitIsMainTank = true

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    posted a message on idChat2
    I'd like to be able to apply timestamps to the chat window I want. I have 2 windows, one with General, Trade, Say, Yell, Party, Raid, Battleground, and Emotes... Basically everything minus Whispers. Then I have another window with Whispers. I'd like my Whisper chat box to have times stamps whiile my regular window stays as clean as possible.
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    posted a message on EgoCast
    I'd like to second the request to add CastOptions features. It's the only Cosmos mod I still use and I really wish there was a replacement.

    Assist Casting, and Crowd Control warnings are really useful features.

    The buffing and healing stuff in CastOptions is junk though.
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    posted a message on I need some help ...few questions
    Cast Options
    No known full replacement. If all you want is the self-cast piece, I know there are a couple of ace mods for that.
    KC_Mobility or Visor
    -Is this even needed anymore?
    -I actually liked Khaos, but once 75% of your mods are Ace, you won't miss it
    Chat scroll
    -idChatScroll, but I use Cirk's ChatManager even though it's not Ace
    -I think this functionality is built into a couple of Ace mods
    -not sure
    -AuldLangSyne (I think that's how it's spelled)
    -not sure
    Equip Compare
    -I still use EquipCompare
    Titan Bar
    -I use ItemRack
    -CTRA is a beast. Ace mods are small and modular so many mod choices are available to replace CTRA. oRA, XRaid, PerfectRaid, ag_UnitFrames, BigWigs, XRS, Squishy are ones you should take a look at.

    -Most (if not all) Ace unit frame mods don't use the portrait so this wouldn't be useful
    Monkey Quest
    ECasting Bar
    -oCB (otravi_CastingBar)
    Natur EnemyCastBar
    -AceTimer might be somewhat of a substitute
    -not sure
    -I still use this
    -BulkMail / GMail
    Discord Unit Frames
    Discord Action Bars
    -I use Bongos, but there are a few new Ace2 mods that are stepping up... Bartender & PubCrawl
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    posted a message on otravi_Cooldowns 1.0.0 [30.07.06]
    How does OmniCC do it then?
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    posted a message on Detox
    Instead of the talk about merging Detox with Cork... is there a buff/debuff scan library that could be ripped out of both an used as a shared library. That would be the only thing that I think might make sense. If this is already being done, ignore me.
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    posted a message on AceMobHealth
    I didn't see a seperate MobHealth3 thread so this looked like the closest alternative.

    Wouldn't it make sense to design MobHealth3 around being an embedded library rather then making other addon authors use it as a dependancy?
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames (Release 7/19/2006) alpha version
    Wouldn't MobHealth3 be better off as a library for other mods like ag_UnitFrames?
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