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    Once it's ready, " http://svn.wowace.com/files/ " will be fine, learn2unzip. ;)
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    Quote from flvinny521 »

    This problem was brought up once before and supposedly had been fixed, but I noticed it tonight while in a BG raid.  When using Clique to heal my teammates (yes, a shaman that heals, whodathunkit?), I ended up targetting that player instead of healing them without losing my current target.  This is most likely a problem with Clique (I think), but has anybody else found a solution to this problem?

    I am using Clique off the SVN (haven't checked for update since last weekend, so sorry if this was fixed just recently) and Pastamancer's version of AGUF.

    I'm using Clique as well (last weekend update) and it works fine by me. Though i use it with shift-click and ctrl-click, maybe your problem is that you have the action bound to a simple click?
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    I love the look and feel of the Wiki, but i'm afraid that it might be too complex and not navigation-friendly enough to allow a user to keep up with the posting and updates.

    A forum is, well, a forum. A wiki is a diferent beast altogether and they do not replace each other. The Wiki is a great place to get detailed info and resources on a certain subject. The forum is a great place to login every day and be on par with the latest news on all subjects in some minutes.

    Personally, my favourite way to discover new addons is browsing the http://svn.wowace.com/files/ for a description/name that catches my fancy, and then looking up the foruns for info. Inevitably while doing that i always seem to find references to a lot of other addons that i will try.

    This way i found some of my favourite addons (oSkin, anyone?), that i would never have come around to if i sticked to the interface sites,or indeed the wiki.

    So atm i'm going with limited subcats (I very much like maia's sugestions). Though since i usually stick to the search/unread posts since last visit functions, the "Flat flat flat" is fine with me too.
    Just my 2cents. :)
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    This is a really great addon, i love the way it looks and i love the huge amount of costumization options. But above all it's so much lighter that unitframes that dont even do half of what it does... ^^

    A tiny little sugestion: it would be great if, when a raid, the group number would appear on the player frame. Usefull when the raid leaders give orders by group but you have frames set up by classes and have no clue of what's your group unless you open the social tab.
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    I loved that addon too, but i stopped using it because oSkin displays very nice, compact lootframes. Check it out. :)
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