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    posted a message on UnderHood Official Thread
    I apologise for the new reply, I just wanted to raise this thread up so that this post may catch the author's attention.

    I was incorrect. UnderHood is not the cause of the Druid mana bar disappearing, after quite a bit of research I've tracked it down to Threat-2.0. I've put up a thread in Help! here, for those curious...
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    posted a message on LibThreat-2.0 and LibDruidMana-1.0 are incompatible.
    At first, I thought it was just Omen2 and Underhood, but after trying combinations of RecountThreat and SmartyCatManaBar, I can safely say it's the libraries.

    An immediate example of this is to load Omen2 and UnderHood together, the mana bar will only show up after either the first install, or after tinkering with options in UnderHood. After the first UI reload or on the next log in, the mana bar will disappear, and unless the profile is reloaded, or said options are tinkered with to cause LibDruidMana-1.0 to 'initialise', it'll stay gone.

    It seems that somehow LibThreat-2.0 is forcing LibDruidMana-1.0 into dormancy. Exactly how this is happening... well, I don't know. It'll take a brighter mind than mine to figure it out, or at the very least someone who's familiar with the code.

    But for those who're wondering why their Druid mana might be missing? This is the answer.
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    posted a message on Cellular
    I think your approach to modding is a good one, and it's one shared by some of the best authors I've seen. Start off with what's necessary, then add what you want as things progress and in a modular way if possible. Feature creep results generally in bloat, and eventually in vapourware as the original project loses its focus.

    As for Dewdrop, that's what did it! There was something in my mind having me think it was Ace2 based, and it was the presence of AceLibrary (which I subconciously link with Ace2) and Dewdrop. It's good to know that it's not currently based on a framework though, with a huge expansion just around the corner, I think that's the safest way for a mod to be right now.
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    posted a message on Sort addon
    Well that was a bit of a burn, wasn't it?

    To intimidate an author into removing a mod because it's similar to another mod is heavy-handed to be kind, and blatantly unethical to be fair. Is the SVN truly ruled with such an iron fist?

    This is why I'm glad the SVN will be dead soon, so that those who've been with this community for a little while won't be able to dictate to other authors what they can and can't do. I've even seen a well known author of this community try to do that at WoWI, but thankfully that was WoWI so there was no authority in that complaint.

    I think that competition and choice should be embraced, as such things allow the community to grow. I could understand that kind of response if the OP was stealing code and claiming it as his/her own, but from what I understand that wasn't happening. But the reaction is almost as if it were. Mod functionality is IP now?

    I urge the OP to upload his mod somewhere else, because to be honest I was looking for a replacement for Mr. Plow (and its ckknight-ish nonsense messages) too. I don't care for BankStack either, but now a possible alternative has disappeared.

    I really hope we'll see this reappear on Curse, WoWI or someplace.
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    posted a message on Available cooldowns?
    Well, I guess in the furor of the thread being in the wrong place, and the uproar over how absolutely impossible this would be, ReadySpells was overlooked as a workaround.

    What you're after can be sort of achieved, but not via a clickable interface. ReadySpells is a clever little mod that creates a display to show which spells can be used and when.

    According to its own readme, it bases this off:

    - Enough power (mana/rage/energy).
    - Correct stance/form.
    - In range.
    - Valid target.
    - Not on cooldown.

    If a spell meets all of these conditions, it's shown in the ReadySpells display. This is what I believe you saw in the PvP video, but as I said, they aren't clickable.

    I did mention a workaround though, didn't I? And it's the very workaround I use, in fact.

    One of the first things I did with World of Warcraft was forsake the humble action bar, I can do this because mods exist for a more efficient system, for me at least.

    I create macros for the things I want, including castsequence strings and alt/ctrl/shift modifiers, stance-based stuffs and so on and I bind those to keys. You can use either Click2Cast or Spellbinder to do this.

    The idea here is that say... if you're a Druid in Bear Form and Maul shows on the ReadySpells display, you'll know that you have enough rage, your target is in range, and all is ready to get that Maul in. ReadySpells also stacks up what it considers to be the next most important spells in the display, but this order can be changed with some basic editing.

    So no, clickable displays definitely aren't possible. But keybinds don't take up visual space on your screen, and ReadySpells provides the same kind of information that action bars would, but even moreso, and taking up even less space than an action bar based solution would. The catch 22 here is that if you're purely a clicker, this isn't going to work for you. If you're a clicker, likely nothing will... no solutions for clickers that I know of. Sorry.
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    posted a message on UnderHood Official Thread
    I seem to be having the odd issue of the Druid mana bar disappearing, it happens only occasionally though, and I think ti's triggered when I go into Flight Form (more regularly) or Travel Form (rarely).

    I'm quite happy to deal with that oddity though because as a visually disabled (really poor sight) person, I can tell you now that your HUD is by far and wide one of the best I've ever seen. I always found that UnitFrames were just too hard to track, but having a system of brightly coloured vertical bars seems to ease my troubles, I have no idea why mind you... but it works!
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    posted a message on Cellular
    Quote from TotalPackage »
    I have to set boundaries or Cellular will get bloated, which defeats the purpose. Anyway, it seems like you want a complete replacement of Blizz's default chat frames. This is why I suggested a full chat mod.

    I just had to comment on this.

    I've tried WIM and a bunch of chat mods, but I always find myself returning to Cellular fairly quickly. I'm amazed by how bloated a lot of other options are, and they don't play nicely with default behaviour (a new chat window should never, ever grab the editbox and force that to open on its own window on enter key pressed, as opposed to the primary ChatFrame).

    I'm actually really glad that you're keeping that in mind, TP, because that means I'll never really have to worry about Cellular becoming WIM. The only thing I'd like to see out of it is a switch to Ace3 maybe, as the more mods that do that, the easier it is to cleanse Ace2/Rock from my Addons directory.

    But I'm glad you're not tossing in features for the fun of it, and Cellular is beautiful for that very reason.

    So, yep, thanks for a great mod.
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    posted a message on HandyNotes_QuestObjectives
    While I don't think such an idea is bad from the offset, I think the original Cartographer approach was flawed in practice. How could we improve upon that?

    One approach is that we could base the information on WoWHead dumps, like LightHeaded does. The upside of this is that it would reduce map clutter, it wouldn't try to note where every wandering mob is, so you wouldn't end up with some kind of World Map cancer (which was my problem with QuestObjectives). You'd only one one general pointer of an area where you should go to.

    So what I'm suggesting is that the new idea wouldn't manually detect quest objectives, but it would come with a pre-built database.

    Do I think it's a good idea? Possibly, for those who don't find LightHeaded intuitive enough.

    Do I think I could do it? Hell no. I have as big of an attention dysfunction disorder as Deadpool, therefore it would all go horribly wrong. It would take a coder with great amounts of both skill and patience.

    Just my two pence, though.
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    posted a message on Tracking quest givers.
    Not Mapster, specifically.

    Mapster is basically just a mod that changes the aesthetics of the map. Think of Mapster as more like the minimap mods out there, but for the World Map instead.

    However, a mod that bridges Cartographer mods over to HandyNotes? Now there's an idea. I'm not sure how likely that'd be though, as I doubt anyone would want to make such a thing.
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    posted a message on nQuestLog + MobMap + Cartographer + <new idea> = Carbonite ?
    I support the idea of something to provide the location of quest giving NPCs, but really... unless one is extremely lazy, LightHeaded is all anyone could ever really want for knowing how to deal with quests.

    There's a problem with objectives too, but I'll get to that in a moment.

    Anything new though shouldn't be based off Cartographer, as in all likelihood that'll be broken in Wrath, and considering that it's a dead project, it probably won't be fixed. Instead, HandyNotes is a better basis to work from, perhaps a HandyNotes module could be created.

    If that were the case though, it'd simply be better to use a script to parse the information from WoWHead directly into the mod's database. I'm still working on this but it's pretty low priority compared to the other things I need to be doing at the moment.

    I was going to talk about objectives, too, wasn't I?

    There are two distinct problems here, and I've seen these when using MobMap and QuestObjectives databases.

    1) False positives.

    The objective has a fixed location, but there are two or three entries for it in the database, one has to run around checking each one.

    2) Moving objectives.

    Some objectives are grinding mobs, and providing markers on the map for these is completely pointless beyond a basic rough area estimate.

    How does LightHeaded work around this?

    It simply provides an in-game database of all the WoWHead comments on any given quest, and it sorts the response by rating. This means...

    1) False positives.

    These are far less likely, as improper co-ords aren't going to be rated highly. The first thing you'll see in LH has a 90 per cent likelihood of being exactly what you need to know.

    This is because people have been checking these out already, and responding on WoWHead whether these are valid or not, and rating the posts accordingly.

    Thanks to LightHeaded being updated so often, it pretty much always has that research already in there. I've never encountered one false positive with LightHeaded, compared to my days of using similar mods where I had many.

    2) Moving objectives.

    Again, it's just random people providing co-ords. So the co-ords are just going to be general spots which have good drop rates, so once you've checked out spot A, you can go to what someone else said might be good, and then back to spot A. Thanks to people rating high-drop co-ords highly, I have a fairly easy time of grinding mobs.

    Plus, due to the fact that LightHeaded is almost an in-game forum database, you can read what anyone has to say about a quest, so this saves you from any nasty surprises. For example, if a certain type of mob is supposed to drop an item but it doesn't (like the Sporebat issue that recently got fixed).

    The problem with mods that perfectly pinpoint things is that they're "dumb" systems, they can't know whether they're wrong or not. That's why I find LightHeaded to be the most elegant system.

    Back to the issue of quest providing NPCs for a moment: Thankfully due to quest NPCs not moving (or barely moving at all), the issue with something being spread over a wide area is non-existant. The only worry is false positives, and to be honest this is why I'm not so fond of the 'on the map' approach.

    An 'on the map' approach might litter a map with a number of false positives for quest providers.

    So what I'd prefer to see at the end of the day is, again, something like LightHeaded. Possibly a searchable list of quest NPCs.

    There'd be a search box, and a list. In the search box one could enter the name of a quest, or the name of an NPC, or a small part thereof (pattern matching), and find the NPC they seek. It'd be a good idea to allow entries to be deleted too, so that any false positives could just be struck from the list. This means that there's no "map mess". And with all the icons I have with resource gathering, I think less map mess is good.

    Just my two pence, anyway... don't mind me.
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    posted a message on Tracking down AceComm-2.0 related errors.
    I've recently gone embedded to allow my guild more divergence with their group of mods, originally I was running disembedded as it was easier for myself -- as a developer -- to update the libraries as I needed to.

    The only problem I actually ran into when doing so was that some mods would report that AceComm-2.0 was being loaded before AceEvent-2.0. The error would fire even if these were loaded by their lonesome, the mods responsible were:


    So if others are having this problem, these might be the cause. For now, I've deleted the AceComm-2.0 from the offending mods, as that solves the problem (in a hackish kind of way), as I have AceComm-2.0 properly embedded in some of the other mods I run (BugSack, Talented, and a couple of others).

    I'm sorry if this is in wrong place, but as a general report, I figured it might be best to create one thread like this, rather than spamming each with the same error.
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    posted a message on Tracking quest givers.
    I'm not surprised at all that people in your guild don't use your mods, tek. The reason I keep a list updated for my guild is that I stay current, most people are still in the dark ages of mods and literally don't know their arse from their elbows, and couldn't know bad code from good code.

    I think I'm relied on because whenever they pick anything that isn't recommended by me, their FPS drops like a stone. It's funny, really. But there's usually one in a guild who is turned to for advice on mods, and I'm that person. I don't really want to turn my back on anyone, but that's my own fault... can't help but give a damn.

    Because of me though, a number of my guild do use your mods, and a number of them have commented that yes, hey, this tekkub's stuff is good work, it does incredible things and my FPS doesn't drop like a stone, lookit that!

    So there are both pros and cons to my approach, really. I probably have the most mod-advanced guild out there, to be sure. And none of 'em have whined on any patch day! I'm proud of that.

    But back to the point...

    MobMap is very heavy, too heavy for what I want, really. MobMap would be like trying to cook for a barbeque with a nuclear device. It's just overkill.

    I'm still hoping for either the kind of mod mentioned in the first post I made to come along, and if not... well, I'm still looking into making it myself. After all, there must be other people out there who want to switch from Cart but are waiting for something like that to come along. And nobody wants to be stuck with Cart.

    Still, I might just have to point out that when Wrath comes out, Cart may just end up very broken, and then they'll have to deal without quest provider locations anyway, so they might aswell switch now. I'll think on how to pitch that... sorry anyway, just thinking aloud.
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    posted a message on Tracking quest givers.
    Oh, I do! I love LightHeaded.

    The thing is though... let's say that there's a quest that I remember (having done it before) that was particularly awesome, and levelling up my new alt I felt like doing it again, but I couldn't remember the NPC that doled out the quest. It happens quite often when levelling up alts, I find. And it means that I have to hit up WoWHead to find out where that quest NPC is.

    Alright, fair enough, I do admit that I now personally look up said quest NPCs on WoWHead, I'm not lazy... but it's hard to convince my guild to do likewise, and that's why they're hanging onto Cart.


    Edit: It's my fault really, the Addon pack I started 'em off with had it in there. So I've made them lazy. I feel like Ozymandias now. Well, not really... but still.

    Once you start a group of people off with something that makes their life easier, it's hard to wean them off of it.
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    posted a message on Tracking quest givers.
    I left Cartographer behind a while ago, and I'm trying to get my guild-mates to do the same. Why? As many of you already know, it's not in active development anymore and in all likelihood it never will be, it seems like an abandoned project, along with the Rock libraries. Therefore it's a good idea to drift away from those projects.

    I've been trying to convince my guild to do the same for a while now, but there's one snag that we keep hitting upon. There's no variant of the QuestInfo plugin. QuestInfo is handy because it provides the locations of quest providers, and if one is levelling up an alt, this can be amazingly handy.

    I have looked into the idea myself, but I'm hitting upon something of a problem. I'd be more than willing to try to write the HandyNotes plugin myself, but I wouldn't know where to pull the data from for a start. Would it be best getting it from WoWHead somehow, or using the QuestInfo databases out there? And how would I automatically convert it to the database format that my new plugin wouuld use? There's simply no way one could convert that much data by hand...

    So my request goes along the lines of either someone taking upt he task and creating something like QuestInfo, or perhaps the talented folks here could help me get started on my own project. HandyNotes looks easy enough to create a plugin for (thank goodness for that) but the conversion of data is just something that boggles my mind. I admit that I've never done anything like this before either, but I have worked with lua and I would be willing to give it a shot.

    But if someone else knows of an alternative or wants to take the idea up as a project of their own, please do.

    Another idea would be to simply have a slash-command where one could type the slash, then shift-click in a quest. It would then check its own database and report back with the co-ordinates of the quest-giver, or pass them directly along to TomTom. This would also work amazingly well, and again I had considered doing something like this but... well, there's that data conversion issue again. :/

    Anyway, I just thought I'd share my thoughts on this and see what you folks thought.
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    posted a message on Nanosecond Lag every 1-2 seconds
    This is an absolutely crazy thought (I know, I'm not right in the head for coming up with this) but I'm putting it out there, just in case...

    You might have -- by whatever chance of fate -- enabled CPU profiling at some point. Accidentally, purposefully, or even maybe without realising it, perhaps you did it and then forgot about it. I use CPU profiling every now and then, and I've noticed that every two seconds there's a 'tick' for about 3-5 frames, that's the profiling ticking over, so to speak. What you're describing sounds exactly like that.

    Try entering the following (followed by a UI reload) and see if it helps at all.

    /console scriptProfile 0
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