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    so i must understand that no one thinks could be useful to give DKP to a list of players from guild filtered with the folowing filters? "online", "in raids", "level =70"?
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    i have big problems in my guild.
    ppl not coming to raids, we are 150 ppl in guild, and after 3 ppl left the guild, for wiping too much, we started to fix the system.
    and we found the folowing conclusions:
    - we have 15 ppl attending 90% of the raids.
    - the other 10 ppl most of the time you cannot get out of the rest of 135 ppl.
    - they are causing the wipes. why??
    let me tell you why:
    - i cannot convince them to install KTM and group calendar, not to mention about ventrilo.
    - they don't even have a user on our forum so this results in ppl not reading boss strategies, as we do take time to explain even the most stupid/young player in our guild, the things that he has to do at a boss.
    so the idea is get rid of those, or convince them somehow to come to raids.
    the only idea i had is to introduce dkp system, to find out who earned most dkp points. i split the guild in 2.
    ppl i know that come to raids, i made them raiders, and the rest are only soldiers :p.
    Some days we are more then 25 ppl that are geared for grull/ssc, and I want to give points to everyone that is online, and give points for killing bosses only to the ones that are in raid.
    is not fair to give only the raiders points for being online, but in the other hand I want to give points to everyone online in guild, while the raids are on. Like this in 2 weeks I will see how many points earned the raider with the lowest dkp and how much has the soldier with the highest dkp earned.
    Like this I can make some changes, and promote only ppl that care about guild. But this I can do only by awarding everyone in guild with dkp, as I cannot waste time writing down who is online and who is not. The systems that I tryed until now did not give me any solution for awarding everyone. I found one addon that gave me the solution of viewing everyone in guild, but I have to check player by player, to see who is online and who's not.
    And I have to reward them one by one. And that takes like 10 minutes, especialy if I want to do this every hour of raiding, is dezastrous.
    Even if 2 raids at the same time, only one officer/gm will give points to everyone, while the other officer in the second raiding group, will give only points for boss killing.(also hand in the job to give points to all online if raid 2 takes longer then raid 1).
    Also as an idea, only raiders have the right to bid/roll for items first, and only if no raider needs that item, the rest are alowed to roll.
    please help me in this idea, as would help my guild verry much.
    i know that your addon doesn;t do that, but I would really appreciate if you could tell me any other addon that does it, or if I convinced you to do it, just let me konw
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    okay, so this addon saves the DKP points in officers note.
    but from the documentation i didn;t see if this addon can reward this list of players.
    I have 2 situations:
    1. I want to give points by a click to all in current raid, for being online at a fixed hour, and when a boss is down.
    2. While raids, I want to be able to give everyone in GUILD that has at least an alt online, and their main are level 70, points for being online. So that I can chose later wich diserves to become a raider and who doesn't.

    One other thing I would like is to receive a confirmation for those options. I would like to set up the hour of the raid, and the addon to ask me at fixed hour, every hour of the raid, when boss down, if I want to give points or not to everyone who is online/or only to raiders.
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    I am desperately trying to find an easy to use DKP addon.
    I need a DKP manager addon that can be used ingame 100%. I don;t want any biding abilities for it.
    I would like the addon to have the folowing features:
    - i need powerful sorting tools for players, class, ranks, online/offline, inraid/offraid, out of any raids and so on, so that I can be able to give DKP points to the selected list by a click, once I did the proper selection.
    - I want it to store a list with prices for the items that can drop, or to be able to put it dirctly when looted.
    - I want it to be able to give to a predefined list, every hour or 10 minutes, points for being online and ready for raid, and also taking in account that ppl can be on alts.
    - I want it to be possible to assign an alt to a main char, so that can share DKP points.

    that's all for the moment,
    can you give me a hint?
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    in this case, i believe that can be verry usefull for every player in particular, to check the rules without configuring them.
    the only one that should check using configurations is the raid leader.
    but for me as a soldier :p would be good enough to check this for an overview of missing and wrong buffs in general, and especially for myself to get announced by this addon, to don't let raid leader checking find that i'm lazy :)
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    let me put it this way
    since i noticed you don;t want to cooperate
    is GRID ADDON alowed to be used with click to cast addons like clique???
    If so then there IS A PROBLEM with this ADDON, and needs to be fixed if you want ppl to like it.
    I gave you examples, explanations, possible causes, as far as I can think about.
    But if YOU don't want to notice that it is a PROBLEM, i won't bother you again
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    an ideea just came to my mind.
    how about to have an interface to easy assign a player to attack adds, or a tank to get dps role.
    by this, when arriving at a boss that needs that, you just select "dps" for the offtank and the buffs get checked accordingly.
    And one more thing. You can take it this way.
    If at any moment you want in the raid a different functionality, like giving a tank light instead of kings, or any other derivation, that doesn;t have to be rule to check. It is important to have the number of paladin buffs equal to the number of paladins, and don;t have the impossible ones.
    You can have a tank with salvation, but you can;t have a warrior tank with wisdom.
    And even if you don't check all the buffs, it would be nice to know that the total number of buffs is correct, and 2 or 3 messages with wrong buffs, won;t bother anyone if they are too lazy to configure it accordingly for the current fight.
    Anyway the selection of one player to assign to dps would be nice.
    also priorities would be nice for any role/class.
    Like salvation is most important on dps, and kings on tanks. (also configurable), and second set of buffs that came after the first set, are bom or light for tanks, wisdom for healers and casters and bom for melee.
    also saving a set priorities for every char from your guild would be nice, and what would be more nice is to have the posibility to save the set of priorities accordingly to the role that you select and configure.
    Also, according to priorities, I would like to be announced that a tank have bom instead of light as the second paladin buff, if I configured the tank priorities like that.
    I want too many things :D, right?
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    posted a message on CPU Usage issues
    i have exactly the same problem.
    All started since last patch. Was a small patch that started to give me fps problems.
    Checked for viruses and any related/power issues/ services/ unwanted or uncontrolled updates/ checked cpu status while fps drops/ checked without addons/deleted cash,wtf and interface folder/ reinstalled addons one by one without using the old wtf, cache, interface that i moved to another folder, checked also internet issues and anything else possible,
    and i still get every 10-30 seconds a fps drop for about 1 to 10 seconds.
    What I feel like is that blizzard modified the ammount of data that is read when one mob/player/object appears like reading 10 times more information about that thing.
    This fps drop appears in combat like having an entire fight at 10 fps instead of 70. Is not normal.
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    can this addon check if all raid players have the number of blessings from paladins equal to the number of paladins in the raid?

    and one more thing, can it check any rogues have blessing of wisdom or any tank blessing of salvation? (tank checked through talents)
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    blizzard should take this in view...
    They added an option in the main menu to self cast if the spell fails to land on a target.
    There SHOULD be an option "stop casting if failed + error message"
    What is odd is that in some cases it works, in some doesn't.
    It is something related to the distance.
    Is verry anoying to have this problem:
    If the target is in range but is on the other side of a wall by example, you get an error message about it not being in sight. But if he is out of range you get the gray hand....
    There should be a resolution to this, as Healbot addon does this correctly. Isn;t it a pitty not to fix this? As this is the only thing that makes healbot better in someway. All the rest is better with grid+clique. Stopcasting my macros before spell cast is not a solution. In combat I happen to cast faster on the new target and won;t be nice to have the almost done casting stopped. isn't it?
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    Quote from Phanx »

    So just ignore the gray hand and click-cast on someone else as if it weren't there?

    it doesn't work
    you have to make an extra click, only after this the hand disaapears and you can do a normal click-cast.
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    posted a message on Grid
    when you use an addon you want it to work perfectly.
    and the gray hand makes me get more stressed and i lose precious time when this happends. Hiting esc when in combat can be a problem of loosing precious time.
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    posted a message on fluctuating fps
    Great !
    Now that is what I call an answer.
    Thx alot for all the information. You convinced me.
    I'll try Visor 2 as soon as possible.
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    posted a message on CastYeller - announces to your party/raid important spells you cast.
    great, I have it on my need list now :p
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    posted a message on PallyPower - Official Thread
    I tryed to use this addon but in my opinion it doesn't have the functionality I need.
    I see it like this:
    Every class needs "x" blessings if we have "x" paladins.
    It is a nice thing to have the blessings filtered so that you can do only kings, might, light on a warrior. But having one tank and one dps warrior in a group requires to put different blessings on the players, like greater kings and normal salvation. It would be nice to be able to cast all blessing from pallypower interface. And having separate assignment buttons for every type of buff that you need to cast. One button for every class for casting greater blessings and buttons for every normal blessing that differs from clas greater blessing. One click to recast the spell on each class/player would be great. Also rightclick to change the blessing assigned when selected a player that needs other blessing then it's class.
    A nice thing would be to be able to remove the action bars with the 5 blessings and greater blessings. That would really be a good thing.
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